App crash during war

I went to war this evening after waiting all night and day to save up the necessary point to battle. The app crashed as I was entering the battle. Not only did the app crash, it consumed my battle points, heroes, and forfeited the battle. This hurts my guild and irks me. What is going on PB? This is a very costly bug. Please help me understand and tell me what to do?

Please do not tell me to sumit a request to support. That has not worked in the past and they tend not to even answer me. Is there anything outside of support I can do to show the app developer what their app did. I spend a lot of time, & I have spent some money developing my heroes. I spend countless hours reading, learning, asking questions, and getting to know people.

This is not a light investment Ive made. Please, does anyone have suggestions or has anybody else been experiencing bugs? Especially war bugs or have ever experienced a bug or crash like I did today?

If you want to attack in war always do that after starting the app! If you do something else before your attack, it can happen that the app crashes on you…

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I think I answered the in your other comment. Thank you for making the time to comment on my concern.



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