Archived Feedback: Guild War 06/12/17

Now that a decent number of Guild Wars have occurred, what are your thoughts on the system so far? Please specifically address these topics:

  • How does the Perk system feel?
  • What new Perks would you like to see?
  • Are there any new ways you’d like to be able to spend Influence?
  • How do the rewards for victory/defeat feel?
  • What sort of new Guild War rewards would you be interested in seeing?
  • Does matchmaking feel balanced?
  • Is the 3 day time limit for War too long? Too short?
  • What strategies is your guild using to win?
  • How does your Guild stay organized during a Guild War?
  • What new ways of coordinating Guild War strategies would you like to see?

New perks: Revival and Buffs.

Revival would allow you to spend points to revive one line of one of your towers. Buffs would simply increase the attack power / attack rate / max health of your heroes during war. I think both of these would increase the amount of strategy that would need to go into both defending and attacking.

Guild Rewards: Honestly not sure, but those arena tokens for season victories seem kinda pointless… 25 tokens per person in the winning guild lol.

Matchmaking: I think matchmaking is completely fine and definitely beginning to balance out as more guilds unlock guild wars.

Time limit: I think that CURRENTLY the time limit is appropriate, but in the future once more perks are introduced it might need to be increased.

Communication and Coordination: Currently, the guild I’m in (Neverland) does all our communication and coordination in our guild chat. This is extremely ineffective but gets the job done.

What I would like to see in the future to improve this is a guild message board and locking in targets. Guild message board is pretty self-explanatory. Allows guild leaders and champions to send out messages to all guild members that will go into their mail tab (or something along those lines). Locking in targets would allow guild leaders and champions to lock in a specific tower on each tier to attack. This would prevent guild members from attacking any tower but said target tower in each tier.


excellentes reponses et futures améliorations à apporter surtout sur la communication de la guilde


The time required to get warpoint is ridiculous!


The three days, seems long but it’s still early to tell because we normally finish in a day and a half but as I said still early. Would be nice if there was bonus reward for clearing all towers

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Need to have guild work together. That’s why they have donations

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As previously mentioned the set start time for wars proves difficult for many people to get online for the start, this can cause severe difficulties for organisations of attacks.
Champions being able to distribute points or alternatively players donating to an ‘attack point pool’ instead of direct players which can subsequently be distributed to other players would prove better and allow easier coordination.

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[quote=“Ironangel, post:1, topic:1211”]
How does the Perk system feel?[/quote]
Really enjoying it so far. I think it’s too early to really offer much feedback on the perks themselves, though I think the +point donation is far too cheap for its impact. It is the single best GW perk and is one of the cheapest, too.

Ummm. Can’t think of anything off the top of my head. Cosmetic stuff might be fun to add later on? Like, different icons, badges for your guild, different portraits for players to use. Uniquely named ranks. Stuff like that?

Uhhh … you mean like if a player could spend it on something themselves like gold, exp, etc? I’m not a huge fan of that …

Great! Love the fact that each person in the guild gets the same amount. It’s much better than the system in DS where you are actively competing against guildmates to get tokens.

I will say that the season-long rewards seem really low. The season lasts ~80 days and the #1 squad gets 8,000 gw tokens, 1,000 diamonds, and 25 arena tokens.

First, 25 arena tokens? What?

Second, 8,000 gw tokens sounds like a lot until you realize it’s only 100 a day. You get 600 for winning and 300 for losing, so … that’s a paltry amount compared to simply participating.

Third, 1,000 diamonds also sounds like a lot until you realize it’s 12.5 per day. How much does the lowest Arena award each night?

Ummm … thinking about what we get in DS, some of them are quite nice, others less so. Items like Stamina resets, stamina items are always useful (perhaps stam resets are less useful for lower VIP players though). Rune stuff wouldn’t translate here since no runes.

You guys also offer a choice of stones and item scraps … these are really hit or miss and the longer you’ve been playing the more this trends toward miss. I would only want to get scraps/stones if there were some kind of way for you to check what we don’t have already. Getting 30 stones of a hero you already have is bad enough in DS where there’s a soulmart … in PQ, at this early stage where most don’t have most heroes maxed and there is no soulmart, getting only heroes you already have maxed would feel really bad.

Gold or Potions would be useful, but only if they were offered in a substantial amount. Remember that a season is 80 days long … think about how much gold/potions you’d get simply from the Tower alone in that time period.

Right now, no. But I imagine that’s because war is so new and the top guilds haven’t separated themselves quite yet. It does seem like matchmaking looks at guilds farther away from you, in crowns, than closer though. For example, after the first two days (when there were very few options to choose from), we haven’t faced anyone who was within 40 crowns of our rating. Meanwhile, we’ve faced just 1 of the top 18 guilds in GW (we’re currently top 3).

I mentioned some of my concerns about matchmaking here.

It’s really hard to imagine a war lasting that long right now. Yesterday someone beat a top 15 guild in just 1 hour. I don’t know (doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened) of any war that’s lasted longer than the minimum 15 hours you need to win (sans perks).

Step 1: Pick a path
Step 2: Donate
Step 3: Attack
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!

We use Line … and it’s a giant hassle, tbh. We need better ways of highlighting, in-game, who should be donating or who should be donated to. It’s very time consuming for 25 people to ask, “what am I doing?” “who should I donate to?” “who should I attack?” every single day.

I would love for the Leader or Champions to have the ability to donate for people. Right now, given the race that Guild War is, if you aren’t able to be online during the hour prep and the first war, you aren’t useful to a guild that wants to be good at GW. Given that not a single guild in the top 100 went for 35 members first, it’s likely that everyone wants to be good at GW.

This means that if you have a job where you cannot easily access your phone, you can’t be in a top GW guild. If you live somewhere where your timezone dictates you are asleep from 11 am - 1 pm est, you can’t be in a top GW guild. What happens when players go on vacation?

I get that we want to have everyone involved in GW, even if they’re only donating. But my recruiting questions have changed from, “Do you have Line? What’s your team level?” to “Do you have Line? Are you able to be on and active between 11 am and 1 pm est?” That’s literally all that matters. If you can be on to donate, you are an asset to the team. If you cannot be on … your team is worse off because of it.

If that’s still not an option, some way to categorize or highlight folks as “attackers” or “donators” in-game would be very useful. Maybe a way to assign players to certain towers to hit.

edit: It would also be nice if there were a way to sort on the Donate tab. Whether by points, team lvl, team power, already attacked, something. Such a pain to scroll with my bad eyes.


I would like to see our points build up faster. Right now winning is a pipe dream for most of us, as we can’t even donate our way to victory.

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It would help if we could see who is online while on the GW guild list. This is the one that shows you who has attack points, who can receive donations, etc. Currently, you have to leave that screen go to guild menu and sort bu “last activity” to see who is online", head to guild chat or Line to communicate, then back to GW guild list to see what’s next.


I wish everyone had to post all heros as well as use them that’s a true show of strength. it would require a lot more action and less lag time.

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How does the Perk system feel?
it certainly adds to the confusion of guild war. I think it overcomplicates the war.

What new Perks would you like to see?
Honestly I would like to see less perks, I would rather see bonuses or progression advantages for the guild progress in each war. For example +5% attack for all lines after defeating 1 enemy tower.
Are there any new ways you’d like to be able to spend Influence?
I would like to see influence points go towards purchase of a hero for all guild members. Like I’m a member of this guild, the guild leader used points to buy the guild a hero so I now have a guild hero I can use in my lines.
How do the rewards for victory/defeat feel?
Minimal, rewards are not incentive enough to participate.
What sort of new Guild War rewards would you be interested in seeing?
Gems, gold, experience, or triple the war tokens received.
Does matchmaking feel balanced?
Feels balanced enough so the battle is challenging but not difficult
Is the 3 day time limit for War too long? Too short?
3 days may cause players to leave the war all together. Its length is good for communication and strategy but progress is slow for victors.
What strategies is your guild using to win?
Simple, same strategy for arena. Match aspects correctly, send equal or higher heroes to face enemy line, if enemy line is too strong overcome with numbers/multiple attacks.
How does your Guild stay organized during a Guild War?
LINE chat app
What new ways of coordinating Guild War strategies would you like to see?
Provide guild leaders more control over attack points so inactive member points aren’t wasted and rogue members can’t sabatoge war

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War start times needs to be variable based on when the leader queues. Having the same start times every day is messing with sleep patterns. I am waiting for a guildy to say they got fired from their job because of the war timing.

The chat functionality needs improvement. Allow leaders to post in a different color. Maybe add a new guild chat channel specific to war. Make sure when a new war post appears, you get a red bubble on the main page by the chat icon. With the current chat, instructions roll off the board too fast…especially with the level of questions we get from people learning the war system. Or, allow the leaders to have a sticky chat that stays at the top of the guild chat pane.

I love the donation pool idea. Let people donate to the pool, then leaders can allocate from the pool. Still force people to donate if they want, but not donate to a specific person.

The war log should show either how many donations someone has received or how many more they can get. There should also be a key showing “spent points / donated points / active point / available donations”

The war concept is cool, and it really stresses active participation. That may be tough for some guilds, but it is cool for strong ones…however, it is too much of a race and again screws with working and sleeping. Maybe invoke a rule that war cannot end for 24 hours. If both sides crush the keep in 24 hours, the winning team is the one that kills the most points in character difficulty…therefore a reason to kill extra towers.


I’m glad you mentioned this, I had forgotten about it! This screen shows some of what you are asking for, but it’s so unintuitive. I never remember what each number stands for until I scroll down to someone who I know exactly what they did.

Edit: the info is also in the help on that page

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Guild war should start earlier… I guess?

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This request for feedback is premature.


None has a keep of 8 teams so 3 days may not be too long given the point generation times, but I suspect that will change.

Only the most active gills have been able to spend more influence.

I think being able to better customize team formations would be nice, it was one of the only ways to attempt to fight off princess portal in BB.

I suspect more levels in attack point generation times would be required for teams who’ve managed to max all towers… And fill them. My count is guilds of size 75 would be required to fill it, so the last two tiers and the keep will be maxed.

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I think the option to donate individual points would be extremely helpful. My guild coordinates using Group Me and the in game chat, we often end up donating our points to certain top players. when there’s 4 or 5 people that need points it takes a while to spread them out because we have to wait for each person to hit and then donate the overflow that had to be sent with the needed points.


Cross posting this from another thread…

Admittedly, I’m only taking part in my first war right now. But I don’t see how the whole idea of gifting points is a good one to begin with. All the lower level players are basically just point banks. Where’s the fun in that?.. Not to mention that I haven’t even gotten an attack in, because every time I sign in everything that I would have enough points to attack is dead already.

If wars are going to be all about who can attack the soonest after they get the minimum amount of points, then they’re totally broken. The whole format needs to be scrapped and whatever it’s replaced with needs these things.

  1. Every guild member needs to attack, and it needs to matter that every guild member attacks.

  2. Everyone should have the ability to use all of their attacks no matter how much or how little (within reason) they can be on during the war.

  3. It should not matter whether you can attack immediately, or if you can only attack at the last minute.

So here’s what I would suggest…

War lasts 24 hours. Same defensive setup as now. You get all of your attack points up front. Guilds score according to how many team points worth of enemies they kill. Still have to defeat towers in order, but they are repayable as long as you have attacks. Beating a tower simply opens the ability to challenge the next one. Each more difficult tower offers a multiplier to the kills from that tower to reflect the increase in cost. Still have a function to reuse heros by spending attack points.

Basically, the idea is to use heros just strong enough to clear a tower so you can kill stronger stuff with your leftovers before resetting. From a Guild perspective, you want your weakest players clearing the easiest towers so that your big hitters can save up for later. So everyone has a chance to attack, and everyone’s attacks matter. Definitely better than hitting the “Donate” button and going about your day.


I think that the points should just go into a pool. Total points would be based on perks and active members. If a player has not logged on in 24 hours, no points from them. Then, to earn more, you should have to slug it out with other players on the opposite team. They would be free battles and probably work like fortress where each hero can be used only once, but you could add points through action instead of waiting slowly to build and donate.

Future perks could involve either sabotaging opposing towers/defensive lines and/or stealing points for attack.

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I would love the chance to have the time to build up a proper response to this post. Perhaps in a few days when I have more time on my hands.

For now it seems that there is a bit of tweaking needed. Ultimately I’d like something which allows all guild members to participate evenly - instead of some just needed for point donation and those with the strongest teams gaining tokens for attacks while weaker players in guild miss out.
For that to happen then wars must last at a minimal 24 hours, to allow time zones differences, and not have anything to do with accumulation and generating of attack points. A war could be 24 hours flat. The guild which performed the best wins.

Also - I am not a fan of the fact that I miss out on the first 5 hours or so of war, due to my time zone.