Archived Feedback: Guild War 06/12/17


80 days is to long, maybe 40-50 would be good, apart from that so far it’s pretty good


As far as including more time zones, why not just have a moving war start? It starts at 11am est on Monday, 12pm est Tuesday, and so on, with the cycle completing every 24 days. That way no time zone ever gets left out.


It generally is, but for our second battle we were pitted against the clan ranking 3rd overall while we stood somewhere around 80s at that time.

We like to take shortest path to keep. When we have reached the keep and 2 players have 20 points, we start attacking other towers. Unfortunately, many members don’t listen and keep wasting attack on tier 1 towers.

It doesn’t. Many of us use telegram as the guild chat hasn’t proved to be useful, but we haven’t been able to bring all members to telegram.

Ability for champions/leader to mark takedown priority for towers.
A guild message board where important announcements could be posted.


True! Should be maxim 10 minutes


The only problem with these point based schemes are that if I can set my defenses what would stop me from putting really week defenses so that you can’t get enough points to win. That seems like a cop out to me, but others may call it strategy :wink:.


I’m on my phone, so I don’t know how to quote. Anyway…

Re: Rotating start times…

I’d say that the problem is that you need people on in the first few hours, not when those few hours are. Spreading the misery might be better by way of being more equitable, and it’s still “bad” in an absolute sense.

Re: Weak defenses…

Okay, so make the points based on how close to the opponent’s strength your team is. So winning with a 100 point gap is worth more than a 1000 point gap. And if you win with an “underpowered” team, then you get a huge bonus. Bigger the risk, bigger the reward. That adds another layer of strategy, as you (and perhaps your guildmates along with you) try to decide how weak a team you can afford to run into a given battle.

All I know is that I’m something like the 3rd-5th strongest team in my guild, and this has been a ridiculously huge nothing of an event for me. There is simply nothing fun about the event unless you’re either on right when everyone reaches enough points to attack, or are strong enough to get donations and use then effectively (someone gave me points, but the only battle left… The Keep… had a defender with about 3x my team power). In other words, it’s not fun for the vast majority of players.


guild war season is far too long like we gotta wait 2months ?
guild battle needs to be shortened 3days is too long
I do like the perk system maybe later in future add new perks and new ways to obtain influence ?
overall I think guildwars feature is a great addition minis the bugs xD


Before answering each, I would like to emphasise on few first.

In enemy and guild summary log, please add one more parameter snows attack point received !!! That’s very important information because we have limitation in getting donation points but we don’t have that information in the list so I have to calculate all the time which bothers me a lot.

Currently Used Attacked point / donated point / remaining point so maybe Used Attacked point / donated point / received point / remaining point?

Please include sort function in any list has members information. Especially I would like to see donation list sorted by last active. Currently having difficult time finding who is online and who is not as each time I have to go to guild page to see last active list.

Also I would like to sort by members name, team level, used attack points, donated, received, remaining points. Could be also by seniority in guild, role etc.

As the group getting bigger it will be painful without those functions.


Good in general. Description require improvement. Some is misreading or just wrong English usage, some not detailed enough to understand what we get.

I was so glad to know that we can gain tokens even when we lost after spending all these effort. Having said that we could have bit more difference when we win and lose. I felt that some member would find it might not be worth trying in case you can’t get much tokens by win and get a lot by lost then won’t work hard in war.

Current is good. Didn’t think of anything much. Maybe having recognition to each members like ranking type of thing based on total war token earned that will be visible somewhere as one of the player information? Don’t feel much necessary but just an idea.

No. Sometimes too strong, sometimes too weak.

It’s ok because we have the option to surrender to shorten war.

Attacking minimum to make use of attacking points.

Guild group chat and private message only.

Originally almost nothing. Even took for quite sometime to take members to set defense enough to join war. First war half didn’t respond or attack wherever not strategically donating. Or no choice some didn’t understand how it works.
After trying and see to understand how it works, ask for cooperation, kicking out inactive/non-cooperating members, gaining more members who communicate well now we are much more organized and can work together better.

Having Group chat only is so painful to coordinate considering not all members are online all the time.
Apart from Group Chat, I would like to have bellow.

Latest Guild War Information Board:

keeps latest Guild status in one page. Not in Perks but somewhere else in more user friendly list shows guild war common information (non member specific information) at the time such as

  1. Start attack point(5, 6 etc),
  2. Attack point gaining duration (3 hours, 2h 48min etc),
  3. next
    attack point gain (1 point in 1h 35 min 29 sec, etc count down as the war goes),
  4. Max receiving attack points for each players(10, 15 etc),
  5. Total number of defense line (20, 21, 22, 23 etc),
  6. Number of Keep defense line (1, 2 etc),
  7. Total number of Tier 3 defense line (4, 3, 4 etc),
  8. Total number of Tier 2 defense line (6, 7, 8 etc),
  9. Total number of Tier 1 defense line (9, 10, 11 etc),
  10. Keep required attack points (20)
  11. Tier 3 required attack points (10)
  12. Tier 2 required attack points (10)
  13. Tier 1 required attack points (5)
  14. Total number of required attack points (165, 170, 175, 180 etc)
  15. Total number of attack points gain enemy has now (150, 180, 210 etc increase as the war goes)
  16. Defense set completion rate (100% if everybody set defense)
  17. Donation rate (50% etc. Total donated points / total remaining points )

Tired of calculating those each time and share those information to team in Group Chat. Those automatically generated board helps team members to proactively check in one location to have holistic view. More members aware of current war situation helps leader/champion to communicate well.

Guild direction notification board

Some place similar to Guild description but much more space where Leader/Champion can freely edit text to notify information to team members. Could be war strategy, could be some casual note or anything that’s depending on guild. Ideally next to group chat tab so members can refer both board and group chat in one place.

In top we can have Guild information (name of guild, minimum required level, description) and the bottom is free editable text box where only leaders/champions can edit. And best to have last updated time stamp by who.

Leader/Champion Chat:

Apart from Group chat, it will be good to have a chat room for only Leaders/champions to discuss strategy or just for management purpose.

Text copy and paste function for above all

Often some message I want to repeat but there is no copy and paste.


How does the Perk system feel?
It feels pretty good. Lots of things to get, lots of ways to go.

What new Perks would you like to see?
Hidden perks (hidden from the enemy until they encounter them)
Maybe a ghost tower perk - this perk would allow the placement of a hidden tower to be placed before a guild war, in a spot behind one of the t2 tower spots to be like a hidden trap. This tower could be moved before and after wars to keep the enemy guessing.
Or maybe another perk that can be placed on one tower that could act like a crippling trap, such as slowing attackers attack speed, or lowering their starting health, reduced energy generation, silence…etc… - once a trap is triggered it wont trigger anymore if more attacks need to happen on the same tower/wave.

Are there any new ways you’d like to be able to spend Influence?
Unlocking daily bonuses or quests for your guild. Such as a small arena coin bonus, fotress coins, guild war coins, etc…
Maybe using points to buy a guild quest for the day or even a week period that the entire guild would have to work together on to complete. This could win everyone an awesome prize, like a some diamonds or a gold chest, or large amounts of gold/hero juice, etc…
The quest could be a big boss that has lots of hp that everyone can use all their heros to attack, or compelting a large sum of adventures/elite stages, or whatever.

How do the rewards for victory/defeat feel?
Fair and good.

What sort of new Guild War rewards would you be interested in seeing?
1 random hero shard. Gems. Exp juice.

Does matchmaking feel balanced?
Yes and no. I feel something needs to be done to allow the top placed guilds to fight, but not get too far above everyone else.
Maybe once every 2 weeks have a tournament period that could be bracket based or something that lasts for 4-7 days. And teams get points based on wins, towers left standing, heros left alive, how quickly a tower is taken down, etc…

Is the 3 day time limit for War too long? Too short?
Just right so far. Need more time to tell.

What strategies is your guild using to win?
Thats a secret…lol.

How does your Guild stay organized during a Guild War?
Uses LINE chat. Until some chat system in the game is implimented that makes coordinating easy, LINE will always be used probably.

What new ways of coordinating Guild War strategies would you like to see?
Allowing leaders to mark targets for specific players. So that way there is a visual marker for the player in game. This could be used to point the player to donate to a specific person, or attack a specific line on a specific tower.


What if you could not donate until you attack? That way a war could never end in an hour. And then everyone would be participating in the combat effort. Realistically, wars would take a bare minimum of 12 hours if you implemented this…and that is for super power guilds.


That is actually mildly interesting, Trueth. Unfortunately, it still means there’s a certain time when you simply need everyone to be on. And, personally, I think asking people to choose to forgo playing battles in the game is just inviting them to forgo the game entirely. I’m willing to donate to win, but I don’t think donating can be described as “fun” in any meaningful sense of the term.


why would you want to reduce action? war already already limited on action and receiving donation atleast encourages coordination and gives lower players a role. as is I usually get one attack and war is over for me. if I have to wait 12 hrs to complete 1 action I would be done playing