Archived Feedback: Heroes 06/12/17

Now that players have been reaching higher levels, we want to know how Hero balance feels to you. Please specifically address these topics:

  • What Heroes feel underpowered and why?

  • What Heroes feel overpowered and why?

  • What Hero are you currently farming up in the Elite Campaign?

  • Does spending Stamina in the Elite Campaign feel worthwhile?

  • How many Heroes do you feel you need to own before you feel competitive in Arena or Guild War?

  • Which resource would you say you need more of on a day-to-day basis: Gold or Hero Experience?


Underpowered: Mystic Punk. I feel like his skill set is for extremely specific cases making him not very useful in most game modes.

Overpowered: Hex Witch. Huge amounts of damage that hit most enemies (if not all) and gets instant-refill on skill gauge if enemy dies. Huge amounts of damage + Instant skill refill is just a disaster waiting to happen. Apparently the new Princess Portal is also quite overpowered, but as I don’t have her yet I can’t comment much on that.

Hero Changes: I think Loyal Squire should have a change on his Protection of the Pride skill. Rather than giving the shield to the ally with the lowest health, it should be given to the ally that is currently taking the most damage. Often times the shield is given to a member of my back row simply because they have the lowest health when really my other front row hero needs it the most.

Elite Campaign: I’m currently grinding out shards for Hex Witch and Grizzled Hunter. Overall, the experience is not very great. I typically get 1 shard per 3 attempts, so 1 shard for every 36 stamina. Given that there’s currently 4 stages open to me with these hero’s shards, that’s 144 stamina per each hero for only 4 shards a day. It’s a terribly slow and grindy pace that doesn’t feel very worthwhile.

Competitiveness: 5 Heroes. All you need is a really solid starter team and you’re good enough to be competitive in arena and guild wars. Granted as the total amount of powerful heroes you’ve got increases, you are much more competitive, but you’ve still got good chances with a single solid team.

Resource: For lower levels, Gold. For higher levels, Experience bottles.


Will you be enhancing current heroes? Such as increasing stars to platinum 1 star, 2 star, 3 star etc. Or increasing purple to purple +1 etc.

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Princess Portal is a bit overtuned. I always avoid her in arena even if she’s several levels below my team, and I am no longer able to finish the fourth set in the crusade because she just one-shots the front or back line whenever her skill is up.

I fought in the arena with a team having less power than me and i lost. Why?!

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Highwayman is probably at the top of my list. Despite the fact he’s got an Aspect buff, the rest of his kit is so poor you can’t even justify using him. Compare him to Ginger and Hermit who are probably two of the most used heroes in the game. His white doesn’t seem to do any damage, and I honestly have no idea what his blue does.

I’ve never used Cog, but it seems everyone is in agreement he’s pretty awful, too.

What Heroes feel overpowered and why?[/quote]
I’ve heard Princess is pretty ridiculous :wink:

Mystic Punk, Mass Destruction, then flipping between Skull Krusher, Storm Wizard, and Highwayman.


How many Heroes do you feel you need to own before you feel competitive in Arena or Guild War?[/quote]
8, tops.



Underpowered: I’m not really sure, I just lump some heroes together in the “not useful been bunch” group in my mind, so no one of them really stands out. I have been pretty disappointed by Mystic Punk in Trials.

Overpowered: Grizzled Hunter. He just shoots all of my heroes down in the Arena, even if he’s 5 levels lower and it’s all my back-line heroes versus him. I don’t know how it works, but his skill of getting stronger and/or shooting heroes should be finetuned.

Heroes I’m trying to get/evolve in Elite Campaign:
In order, Hex Witch, Storm Wizard, Grizzled Hunter.

Currently spending stamina doesn’t seem to be as worthwhile as getting all the new equipment for my remaining heroes, but under normal circumstances, yes!

For the Arena I feel like I just need to own the 5 right heroes for a balanced team (I know I should use different formations, but I’m not yet at that level yet with enough heroes). For the guild war it’s the same, with the top 10 right heroes.

Since experience is partly buyable with gold (and I buy it) I’d say gold. Also since I’m currently focussing on getting my skills to the max for more heroes, I’m more often short in gold. Experience does clearly become more useful as you progress, so first it’s gold, later on it becomes experience. But I think that’s a fun ‘twist’ to take into account.

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Well I certainly think your offers when you spend aren’t very good for heroes have got roughly robbed.

Secondly very hard to get enough coin to Level up all your hero skills.
Thirdly still annoyed at the first as you really do get crap for spending
Fourthly it’s seems impossible to get enough front tier players to be able to swap and change to fight in arena etc…

Overpowered: Storm Wizard…because he is the only dedicated healer! We need a healer in every color.

Swashbuckler is overpowered in the arena. I think his back row attack should be interrupted if he is attacked by Melee. I have never once gone against a swashbuckler that did not attack backrow (even when I am higher level) and kill a minimum of 1 of my guys before melee got to him.

Because of the new gear system requiring so many more grind items, elites are not worth it. They were ok before we started needing 20 scraps of so many items. And, elite runs should be worth double gold and double xp for characters, since they cost 12. Leave the gear drop ratio where it is, but do not penalize gold and so for running elites.

Gold vs. pots is actually a problem of skill point capping. When you sleep, you cap at 10. When you go to work, you cap at 10. The cap needs to be higher, so those of us with lives outside of the game can get our hero skills leveled. If you can only play for small parts of the day due to real life, 10 skill max is rough.

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This feedback is premature. I still have 4 unsummoned heroes. Only 5 are level 70, and only one is 5 star.

My under powered heroes are the ones I have invested less in.

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What Heroes feel underpowered and why?
Wander Woman definately feels underpowered to me. She always gets taken out right away.

What Heroes feel overpowered and why?
Skullbuster has dessimated my team at times. I also worry about going up against Spell Binder. Knowing she can use my own players against me or make it so I can’t use their main attack is a deal breaker for a fight sometimes. I’m really glad she can’t use their powers against me.

What Hero are you currently farming up in the Elite Campaign?
I’m not currently farming heros right now. I am working on getting items to promote my heros to purple, which is ridiculous! 20 items for one part of an item that costs 18K. I’m getting shards through shops right now. It seems more worth it because you are guarenteed a certain number of shards.
Does spending Stamina in the Elite Campaign feel worthwhile?

No and yes. You get more money and I’ve been able to work on leveling up my lower level heros by pairing one with my main team. The shards are not really worth it me right now because it is easier to get some more power from items and I’m constantly spending money on skills so its always a hard decision to spend the money on evolving or skills.

How many Heroes do you feel you need to own before you feel competitive in Arena or Guild War?
5. But for campaign I am trying to get a decent 2nd team going so I can earn more gold.

Which resource would you say you need more of on a day-to-day basis: Gold or Hero Experience?
Gold. 100%

I’m still not sure if i like having ’ defined’ roles of front line or backline toons… i sooo want to smash portal princess lines with five of my tanks :wink:

Stop nerfing and start buffing weak heroes. We already spent good amount of money on our “overpowered” heroes. We’re paying, VIPs should have a little bit of an edge. Just saying.

I both agree and disagree. Paying customers should not have an advantage that puts them in a different league from other normal players. You don’t want to design a game where you have to pay to win. At the same time though, you do want to have paying customers have perks. I think Portal Quest does this quite well.


What Heroes feel underpowered and why?

A: Elder Mohawk because every player has him from the beginning and newer players have to spend more time, stamina and coins trying to level him up to competitive levels.

Q: What Heroes feel overpowered and why?

A: Hex Witch defeats levels above making her impossible to defeat.

Q: What Hero are you currently farming up in the Elite Campaign?

A: Elder Mohawk

Q: Does spending Stamina in the Elite Campaign feel worthwhile?

A: No.

Q: How many Heroes do you feel you need to own before you feel competitive in

A. 15

Q: Which resource would you say you need more of on a day-to-day basis: Gold or Hero Experience?

A: Hero

How on earth does arena work? My fully maxed level 53s just got beaten by level 46s. I can’t control when their abilities get used and the fury/finesse etc matched up ok. How did I lose?

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The fact that a fancy five star lineup with Ginger Swash Hermit Hex and the Nightstalker at lvl 64 is almost unbeatable for a lvl 70 seems like a joke as in not right to me! There should be more of a gap between levels due to power.
Some are good and some are not that’s almost like real life.
Top 5:
1/ stone guard why 5 sec silence is just to much
2/ swashbuckler why peeps without cash don’t get him
3/ hex witch why oh noes she’s just awesome lol
4/ hunter like hex
5/ princess portal why based on rumors

Down 5:
5/ bowman why too slow
4/ punk why no diversity
3/ spellbinder looks so good what a disappointment
2/ Highwayman why you call him fury friend he’s bad
1/ Me for getting my as kicked by a lvl 64

For those who are about to die we salute you

Kind regards
Poison Ivy

It’s a problem we’re all facing. Maybe in the arena the defenders get some headstart?
It could also be due to your lineup being very weak to the aspects/skills of the other team.
Lastly, maybe the defender upgraded / evolved their heroes better (also skills, equipment).

You can’t control your skills because the defender can’t as well (he/she isn’t online) so both teams are locked in auto mode.

Most underpowered in my opinion is willow druid, she just seems like her special is just useless to heroes regardless of what level they are at.
Most OP is the guy with the two battle axes, unless you are a level above him then most times you are paralyzed losing not only your shield but 40 percent of your health.
I’m currently farming for the hex witch in the elite campaign. It’s not really worthwhile because you are wasting about 108 points trying to get at least 9 shards when reality you only receive 3-4 shards on a great day.
I feel like I make a difference in arenas and guild war already.
I could use more experience points. If I don’t use them for my mains I want to start balancing out my other characters.

What Heroes feel underpowered and why?
Mystic Punk, Light Warden, Rogue Bowmen, Wander Woman. Whilst their skills brag high effect and talent in actuality these heroes make no difference in battle but extra hp.
What Heroes feel overpowered and why?
**Grizzled Hunter, Princess Portal. Both can solo strong lines when their skills are low and stars are low, their damage is too high and having them on any team gives strong advantage. **
What Hero are you currently farming up in the Elite Campaign?Elder Mohawk
Does spending Stamina in the Elite Campaign feel worthwhile?no, the payout is too small in terms of soulstones

How many Heroes do you feel you need to own before you feel competitive in Arena or Guild War?
I feel Arena and guild war demand a strong mix of 10-15 heroes
Which resource would you say you need more of on a day-to-day basis: Gold or Hero Experience?Gold, no question, gold is far too limited. Then skill points second.