Archived Feedback: Miscellaneous 06/12/17


New pvp options I would like to see, a sort of league for players between certain levels, like 1-19, 20-29, 30-39 etc. So that also new players will experience rewards for their input. For pve I would like to see more options like a world boss, guild dungeons… just so that we can do more on the game daily. I really like the double drops, some extra things could be focused on getting extra’s for a certain hero. No new chat functions needed. Some extra daily’s would be cool like rewards for a certain amount of power gain a day or attacking the world boss if it comes. Some extra vip thingy’s: extra attacks or even extra diamonds a day.


Would be nice if u could earn vip points by playing


Vip lvl benefits:

Free stamina and free alchemy based on your VIP lvl.

Thank you


I’m kinda interested in adding some new features in the chat, like animating the emojis or perhaps, adding the other emojis that we haven’t used… :joy:


some resource sharing(e.g. with daily limit gold gifting to friends) friendly battle with friends, training ground to earn small amount of experience. then we’ll be in the game all day.


What new PvP or PvE options would you like to see?
What new in-game events would you be interested in seeing? (Example: Double Drops, etc is something we’ve ran in the past)
What new Chat features would you be interested in seeing?
What new types of Daily Quests would you be interested in seeing?
Are there any VIP features you’d recommend we add?

I really like the world boss idea, especially with material drops. Either something a guild works on together or that all players work to conquer. Maybe it could be an event where new heroes are rescued and become available to use.

I would also like to see VIP points awarded fit things other than purchases. Maybe like 25-50 per day for high level players? It’d be a nice way to get to a close new VIP level, and it’d be a nice reward for those people who play a lot and have stuck with the game.

Double drops is a great event. Maybe a guaranteed loot weekend, even if just for elite levels. It could also be fun if the daily energy bonuses could be increased by doing something(finishing dailies, logging in during a specific 10 minute window, etc.)


I suggest adding pinned measages to guild chat. This should be quite easily implemented and will help us managing both war and fortress strategy.

Currently every message is lost very fast, and it is not easy to re-write using your mobile :slight_smile:

The main guild description is not enough.



Ironangel… You seem to be the only active dev on here… Can you please take a look at my thread “Raid shards and rewards missing” in the Bug Discussion? Kinda feel like nobody is interested in helping.


I think, since the chat interface isn’t that big to begin with, this would make chat more unclear, especially if a guild leader would want to have several sticky messages. I think a better alternative would be, despite the fact that less members would see it, a guild board on which leaders and champions can post announcements for the whole guild. This communication feature has also been much proposed.


@Caesar_Aurelius, if you really want to attract attention to your thread, I suggest you tag someone like I tagged you in this post, in a post in your own thread. Also, I’d like to correct you (I really hope I’m not wrong about this :wink:). Ironangel isn’t ‘the only active dev’, but the Community manager (or whatever it’s called). The devs are probably working on things that are popular on the forums, or other things. Well, who knows.


24 hour infinite stamina event for normal campaign would be crazy nice of you.


@angry_chicken thanks buddy lol. I think I am wasting my time with this, though.