Are Fortress Defender teams based on the Teams that we post for our War Teams?


I thought I read in one of the Discourses that the teams that our Guild fights in Fortress are based on the teams that we post for our Guild Wars.

Or was this from before?

How are the Fortress Defenseteams derived?


From tournament teams


What they said…


What she said about what City said.


What did i say again?


I was wondering about this, too, so thanks. Although it’s odd that my teams are >30k power and I’m much higher than anyone else in my tiny guild, while the top fortress team is sometimes around 20k, other days well over 100k (obviously we never clear fortress those days). I don’t remember seeing such a huge range last year…



So the teams WE fight in Fortress are the teams that we post in the Tournament.

Thanks, I think I got it now.


Does @Oasis_Is_Finesse have alts here too, now?