Are you interested in a RL PQ t-shirt?


We’re looking into the possibility of selling Portal Quest t-shirts. Right now, we’re researching options and gauging interest. This would be a one-time printing, so the supply would be limited.

Would you buy a Portal Quest t-shirt in the $15-20 USD range (plus shipping)?

  • Yes!
  • No, thanks.

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Remember when vip 20 players got their free t-shirts

Considering the amount they paid to get to that level I think this price is fairly reasonable

Sign me up for one please…
Pay in game for it deliver it to address through ticket or however you want to handle it


I already have so many t-shirts that I can’t fit into my dresser, but I can’t say I’m completely uninterested.


UK shipping scares me, but if it came with a attached stacked deal for a new hero shards etc
Then I’m in.
I’m all in.


Shipping is going to cost a lot


Hence the request for virtual currency to alleviate the “this is going to hurt” cost of the t-shirt.


Can I buy a virtual shirt?
No shipping :slight_smile:
But I want to put it on my heroes


Why stop at a shirt? What about something that changes the appearance of the entire hero, like a costume or something?


Good idea

Want a turtle costume on all my heroes
My army of deadly turtles

Look Polaris, we made the idea bigger and better <3


Pixie heroes
Why stop at just one?


Costumes for heroes in the game :thinking:


Totally new and original concept.


I’d take a few shirts. I mentioned, along with others, to Perblue folks before about doing more merchandise too. Not sure what happened to all that talk…lol.


Obviously they were listening.
Dipping their toe in the water with t-shirts.

As long as its not poor @Sammsquamch that has to deal with the logistics of ordering and packing and shipping the blooming things in between answering tickets lol

Next …
A hardback book detailing the story of the campaign, with pictures and bio and secrets for each hero between the chapters.

Once it’s all finished , obviously :wink:


I think you should send this shirt for free to anyone that is VIP 20 :slight_smile: or at least give them something free in game…


I don’t think they need anything lol


Don’t they technically already get some stuff free in game?


Vip 20 last year had a free t-shirt.
Id name the few who collected theirs but that’s secret info :joy:
A mobster player and a riders player both had there’s delivered and they looked pretty cool


I would have thought you would have been VIP 20 last year , silly Wabbit.

MOBster and riders player…
It wasn’t me , was it?
I know I was VIP 5 or 6 last year, to be faiiiir @Cottontail

How come I didn’t get PQ t-shirts pics modelled?
Will go bug her on LINE :wink:


I am interested in buying a Sparkle Pony figurine toy-thingy for my daughter. She really wants one! :slight_smile: