Areas of Improvement #3

Hey. It’s me, Wiz, again with another Areas of Improvement Post,

Some of you may be aware of posts which I have compiled in the past, if not, they can be found here:

Please do not comment on those threads though. If you have a comment to make on them, please make them here.
I posted those threads a while ago, however, many new ideas have come to mind since, whether these be of my own or ideas that other people have suggested to me.

The aim of these posts is to recommend new features. I don’t recommend new heroes, talk about bugs which exist, or insult new features which have already been introduced. These are aimed at being constructive and beneficial for future developments.

Equally, these are not all my ideas, and I try and cite people throughout if they have mentioned the idea to me in the past. Some ideas have also been mentioned constantly by others in group chats or forum threads.

This particular thread contains a lot of simple functions, as opposed to extensive features which I have previously tried to discuss.

Anyway, onto the suggestions:

Dungeon XP: Simply a way of getting XP in the dungeon.

There is currently an issue with freely getting XP in the game. The tower drops don’t appear to keep up with the increase in level and introduction of heroes. Farming in the campaign is quite time consuming as well. Introducing XP drops in the Dungeon would give players an additional way to earn themselves XP. Whether this is through XP vial drops in chests, or small XP gains from each individual battle (even if this is so much as 5 - 10x the floor you’re on, i.e. 50 - 100 xp on floor 10).

Defences Sorting Option: A better way to organise possible lines when preparing war defences

At the moment, the war preparation menu is a bit of a mess. The lines are all over the place. It takes more time than necessary to scroll through the lines and determine which ones are the most effective.

I am not certain on the most appropriate way to sort these. By power seems the most probable contender. But it might be worth considering adding an filter option to include lines that have already been assigned to a tower.

Attack Point Clarification: Allowing a player to see available attack point donations (Inspired by Helios, see comments)

Presently, if you have 0 attack points, you are unable to determine how many attack points another player can receive. The only way to go about doing so is by asking a fellow guild member to check for you. Additionally, you are unable to see how many more donations you can receive yourself, further requiring you to ask someone to check for you.

This should be clarified somewhere, so that we can easily identify how many donations everyone, including yourself, can receive for the remainder of the war at any given time.

Friend List Sort (& Increase): Better organisation of the friends list

Similarly to the war defences, the friends list can always be a bit of a mess.

This doesn’t need to be a manual sort, but if the friends list could automatically put itself into at least alphabetical order, this would be incredibly useful.

If a manual sort were to be implemented, there could be a way to sort the friends list by guild or by ‘recently added’.
In terms of a friends list increase: the potential guild capacity increased to 45 a while ago, however the friends list did not increase with it. It seems reasonable that the friends list increases by 5 as well in order to accommodate the new members, otherwise it seems as though you are expecting us and all our guilds members to use an external messaging service to communicate with one another.

Total Power Sort: Adding Total Power as a sort option in the Guild menu

This one is pretty self explanatory. At the moment we can sort guild members by Team Power, Influence, Rank etc. It would be handy if there was a Total Power sort option as well. Nothing more than for convenience.

Currently, the only way to determine a guild member’s total power is by clicking on them in a chat, or by waiting for Fortress to refresh. This is quite inconvenient.

Guild Contest Player Points: Keeping the Guild Contest Points sort option in the guild menu for a longer duration

We noticed in the last guild contest that the sort option for the Guild Contest disappeared as soon as the contest was over.
Would it be possible to extend the duration of this sort option for a period of a few hours after the contest is over? You can see the overall results for all guilds for a while after the contest ends, but the sort option in the guild menu swiftly disappears. It would be convenient to keep it there until the standings in the contest menu have vanished.

Red Dot on Fortress: Keeping the red dot on the Fortress, even after an attack is made

I have received divided opinions over this. I can see both sides, but I think it’s worth considering to determine the global standing.

The red dot provides a helpful reminder to all players that they still have attacks to make. Particularly in my guild, we have found that sometimes players hit early to get their attack in and make sure they get tokens when we complete it. This is fair enough, no one wants to miss out on tokens. However, the issue comes when they come back on later on and forget to make their final attacks because it’s not the first thing on their mind. This is fair enough, we’ve all been there.
I feel like a reasonable solution would be to keep the red dot there until everyone has used all of their heroes. This way people are always reminded that they can still make some more attacks on the Fortress.

Raid Ticket Acquirement: Increasing ways to get Raid Tickets

It has been mentioned before. At least once by me, and several times by other players.

There are only two ways to get raid tickets right now: either daily, or as a 50% ish drop rate from campaign. It would be convenient to have a similar system as you do for gold, introducing alchemy or putting them in Adventurer’s/Overstuffed chests.

Double Torch Drops Item: As it says on the tin.

With the new features, people seem a lot more keen to participate in the Dungeon. However, now torches are becoming more of an issue. As everyone tries to acquire dungeon keys, skipping floors appears to become a lot more common. This can be quite torch heavy, as expected considering the time saved.

One way to tackle this by not just raising torch drops is by adding a new item. This would double the torch drops in the same way that 2x Gold Drops and the 50% XP increase do: doubling the torch drops from campaign over a 24 hour period. This would drop from chests or contests as the other items do.

Item Crafting: An easier way to craft items

This may be verging on ‘major feature’, but I will include it anyway.

Particularly when Purple 4 was introduced, it was noticeably difficult to determine what items were available. The difficulty with determining this is that heroes lose power when they are promoted, and only gain the power again once they have new items equipped. It’s all well and good having the information button, but when new items are released, we’re left clueless as to how to craft them.

One way to overcome this would be either a crafting menu, or the ability to click an item on the information tab and see what is required to craft it. This would then enable us the ability to make sure we had a few items ready for a hero before we promoted them. We could also prepare items for new heroes much more readily.

War Heroes Menu: A simple menu showing available heroes in Guild War

At the moment, the only way to check which heroes you still have available to attack with is by going into a battle and checking which heroes you’ve used and which are remaining. To do this requires having attack points however, as you can’t go into the battle preparation screen without them.

Implementing a similar menu to that used in the Dungeon will allow users to check their heroes and prepare their attacks before going into battle.

Guild Contest Ranking: Guild member contest ranking breakdown

This applies for individual contests. When going into the Ranking menu, it currently shows the top 100 or so players in each other. Within the Ranking menu could be a Guild Ranking menu. This would involve splitting up the overarching Ranking menu into two screens: one for the server ranking as it does at the moment; and one for the rankings of members of your guild. This would promote intra-guild competition and might spur people on to be more competitive amongst one another.

Tournament Break: Changing the length of time the tournament is inactive for (Inspired by Helios)

Currently, the tournament lasts a set amount of time, and then takes a day long break… This break period, however, coincides with the daily reset for one area of the globe. This is quite inconvenient for players situated here, as they miss out on completing the daily twice a week. 30 tokens might not seem like much, but it all adds up.

A solution to this problem would be to change the break period to half a day. This way, the missed daily would alternate between two sides of the globe, meaning that players miss out on an equal amount of tokens.

Spar Hire: Hiring guild member’s heroes when fighting in spar

Using the same feature as is used in the Fortress and Crusade. When going into a spar battle, players could have the option to hire a guild member’s hero for free. This would allow them to test heroes more thoroughly than they could in a one-off fight in the Fortress or Crusade. Players could then decide if it is worth their time and resources to improve their own hero, without wasting the resources and realising that the hero isn’t of any use to them.

Thank you all for reading this, and I hope it has stimulated some ideas in everyone’s minds. Whether they are completely new ideas for you, or just give you a different perspective on something you were already considering.

As I have previously mentioned, most of these ideas have already been mentioned by a multitude of people in the past. This is just an attempt to round a few of them up and put them in one place to give people an opportunity to comment on them, or leave more of their own ideas.

There are ideas that have been suggested to me, as an addition to what I have already described. However, some of these I have not mentioned because their focus was slightly different to the direction I like to take with these posts, i.e. they were hero, bug or major feature based.

If you are going to comment an idea which is not on this list, please ensure that it is not on a previous post. As there are several ideas on those as well, which I haven’t carried over.

There’s every chance someone has said something to me and that I have forgotten to add it. My apologies. There’s also every possibility that there are lots of posts right now relating to similar ideas. I didn’t think to check.

A special thanks to my guildies over at Radical Dreamers who have helped contribute to these ideas and stimulate my thought process.



P.S. I was going to suggest that there should be a way of using shards. But I’ve mentioned it before. Other people have mentioned it before. People keep continuously mentioning it. And we’ve been told that there is a new shard-related feature in the works. So I decided to omit it :wink:

P.P.S Please see the comments for additional ideas which have been suggested by other users.


Double torch drop item and dungeon hero XP.

I’m right with you on those two.
Would be great additions to the game


I guess you posted a very long post with a lot of good ideas again. Once again, good job compiling all of these ideas! I’ll just go through your post and provide some feedback where I think that might be useful :slight_smile:

This would make floor skipping less good again, since then you miss a lot of battles. I don’t think this is a good idea as those who don’t have time to fully run each dungeon floor will be at a major disadvantage. The first 40 or 50 floors can be skipped when talking about wanting to get useful gear, but if XP was added to the dungeon that’d not be the case.

These suggestions are both alike, and I think as well that better sorting methods could improve game functions that are now hard to use, such as assigning defences to towers in war, or finding a friend to message. Regarding the friends list: Being able to sort friends by who most recently sent you a message would also be very welcome.

This also seems like a small, but very useful adjustment. Perhaps it’d even be easier to keep the player individual’s guild contest points until the next guild contest is announced (in game).

Nothing to disagree with here either. The red dot can go if the fortress, or if a player is done for the day. Although, it might also work if the red dot disappears after half of their heroes have been used, as that means they did make a serious attempt at fortress. Also, when using all of your heroes, the last few attacks become less useful and just take a lot of mercenaries, so forcing players to not leave a single hero behind might not be ideal.

This is a little complicated. As long as they’d not be too cheap, I’d be fine with this, but I don’t know about other VIP players. We did kind of buy the right to get extra raid tickets… But since it’s only skipping a fight, I personally would be fine with it if non spenders who think it’s worth it decide to spend in game currency on extra raid tickets.

I’m neutral here. Basically, I wouldn’t know why this is needed. If you run out of torches, you have to wait. If you run out of torches 20 torches later, you have to wait at a different point. It’s just like running out of stamina. And if you run out of torches you can purchase some stamina and get some more.

Agreed. “or the ability to click an item on the information tab and see what is required to craft it.” This seems like the ideal solution, as it doesn’t require another system and can be easily accessed when you want to find out more about gear.

Agreed again. There’s also something else you can’t see in some situations: how many AP you can still receive from your guild, and how many AP a guildmate can receive (if you yourself have no points to donate). I believe we should be able to see all of these three things at any time.

Perhaps this could be implemented as (yet another) sorting method on the guild screen. Players’ points and rank could be viewed there.

This seems rather interesting. It doesn’t allow you to do just anything when sparring, but it can help you find out whether using resources on a specific hero is worth it. This would be nice to see, but the usual timers (how long before a hero can be hired again) would have to be disregarded in this feafure.

I would also like to add one more suggestion:

  • Detailed silences: giving more information about how long, and why, a player had been silenced.

I have no personal experience, but I believe players get a mail when they’re silenced. Lots of people on this forum have come hero to ask for how long they had been silenced, and as suggested by someone else on the forum, it would be a good idea to include the ending date on the silence in the mail, and to pin the mail to the top, so it isn’t deleted until the silenced time has elapsed. Also, a reason as to why players are silenced would be useful here and probably not that hard to add.
Somewhere else where players can see for how long they’re silenced is the chat. I have seen pictures of a not responding “You are currently silenced.” This not could also say “You are currently silenced till the xxth of xxxx.”

Overall, great post WizarteroX. Lots of good ideas summarised in one clear post. I hope PerBlue will add at least a few of those.


As always Helios, thank you for taking the time to read it and thoroughly breaking it down and criticising it. It’s much appreciated and always useful to hear what other people have to say.

I did consider collating all of the sorting features into one section, but it seemed more appropriate to individualise them to make it clear exactly what I was referring to.

In terms of the Dungeon XP, the skipping floor issue is something I had not considered when writing this. I am sure there is probably a solution, whether this be a fixed amount for each respective floor skipped or battle skipped. Or if it just forces the player to play the floor out if they are trying to earn XP from the Dungeon. There is probably a better solution, and if one comes to mind, I will suggest it and edit the post.

With reference to the red dot issue with Fortress, perhaps this could be accomplished through percentage total power used as opposed to percentage heroes. For players who have levelled all of their heroes to a reasonable standard, they would be reminded to use them. If a player hasn’t levelled some heroes at all, they wouldn’t be considered as they are below the criteria. My main concern with this method of achieving this is that it would be harder to implement and monitor and would also likely come with bugs which continue to show a red dot to a player, even if they do not have any suitable heroes left to use. But I agree that using all heroes is not always the most suitable approach.

With relation to the Attack Points issue: this definitely needs some looking into. When trying to coordinate war, it becomes a challenge trying to work out who can still hit in the later stages when you are on 0 points. It’s a nuisance having to ask someone else to check how many points another player can receive. It would also be nice to know how many I can still receive so that I don’t have to ask someone else to check :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll edit that into the section, it’s a good point.

The idea behind the spar hire was to allow for unlimited hires, but only of guild member’s heroes. This therefore wouldn’t give any real competitive advantage; it would just allow people to trial certain heroes and determine whether they wanted to work on them themselves. Particularly with heroes coming in like Scion, it would be useful for people to test him and see if they like him before putting in the time and effort to earn him themselves.

Do the moderators not inform people of why they have been silenced if they sent a ticket? I thought this was the case, but I could easily be wrong on this.


Thank you for your opinion and sometimes clarification or further suggestions about some of my points. It all looks very reasonable, and I think all suggestions you mentioned in your last post, except for dungeon xp, would be a good addition to the game.

I think moderators don’t inform people why they were punished. At least, I think I saw a screenshot that just said something like “You were silenced”. Also, lots of people were unhappy as they wanted to known why they were silenced, so I definitely think PerBlue can improve there.

I also just thought of one more suggestion, also by someone on the forums: Tournaments should only have a half a day break in between them. Right now, some people are at a disadvantage as they always miss the tournament daily quest at least twice a week, due to the tournament ending and starting time both being too close to the daily chances reset. If the break was only half a day, everyone would still get a shot at the daily quest and the issue would rotate between two halves of the globe.


Thanks Helios.

I like the tournament break period change idea as well, I’ll add it to the list.

I agree though I know im late lol. But it be bad as in how its described but we all play our own way. Me personally I rather not spend actual cash to get diamonds etc and to buy xp but thats me. It would be good if maybe they gave you XP during maybe fight with the bosses via boss dungeon and in endless every dungeon n that had a boss battle in it rewards you with XP buy only if it’s a boss there. Those that desperately need it will eventually do it stage by stage and those that worry bout the progression for items its their choice. The amount of XP given should be based on the battle getting 3 stars would give you a better fixed percentage and the deeper you get the better the items and XP given

I agree it’s a hassle sometimes when I want to check on who I have available. I do think the wait time for attack points even for tournament waiting for about 3hrs for 1 or I find it nerve wrecking but thats just me.

I wanted to add something from your first post about Guild messages. There should be an option under edit guild separate from the motto that is for information or rules only accessible to guild members. A small button could be added to the guild page for other members to see and a recruitment message option.

I also cannot find a spot which details what each guild rank does. I think if they added an option for the responsibilities of each position, that’d be good as well. Like if a closed or private guild wanted to give certain ranks the ability to invite etc

I noticed when I started a second account and was able to join a guild that a bunch was listed. The majority of the guilds listed were predominantly filled with inactive members 50 days or longer. I think when your guild is listed on the recruitment page, if you have members who have been inactive for a certain amount of time, your guild should not be visible. I don’t know if it would be possible. Still, if a character is inactive for let’s say 50 days or longer, the account is put into an inactive status. They’re removed from guilds and from any other activities. I wouldn’t suggest purging the accounts because maybe one day they’ll come back.

I thought I read about it on another thread. Maybe PerBlue could start a loyalty program. I know they have the daily check ins and the sign-in bonuses. Something like adding missed daily check-in tokens. Let’s say a guild member is unable to check in for a week due to work, personal, or medical reasons. They can use the tokens or vouchers that they have accumulated to cover those days. That way, the guild will still get their daily checking bonuses, and so will the player.

There was something else I was thinking about but I can’t remember lol