Areas of Improvement


Greetings Portal Quest players and PerBlue admins,

I have created this post in an attempt to get the community together to present our opinions on our thoughts to some in-game features.
There have been some great new features added to the game recently, but there are still some areas in which the majority of people I have spoken to feel could be improved with seemingly not too much effort.
Below I have outlined a few areas for discussion which me and other people feel need addressing due to the lack of benefit they give to the community, and after all, we are the ones supporting you as a business.
The areas are as follows:

Guild Wall / Pinned Messages: There is a dire need for the ability to post messages that don’t disappear over time and can be seen by the entire guild.

There are similar games, with me mainly having Dragonsoul in mind, which utilise a similar system. However, it seems more pressing in this game, largely due to the new war system you have implemented. This war system is great, and many of us have come to love it. Equally, the ability to communicate an appropriate strategy to guild members is difficult, and many guilds have come to utilise an external messaging app to deal with this problem, whether that is Line or Discord. Although this system works for the most part, not everyone wants to download an external app to play a game, and this is understandable. There is therefore a more pressing need to have the ability to have a message permanently in view, whether it is a guild wall or more simply a pinned message on the top of the guild chat.

This has become even more desirable with the introduction of the new check-in feature. Albeit this is a great new feature, the guild chat is always flooded with Check-In messages.

Gold Chests: Simply put, the quality of these chests isn’t great.

Most of the time you end up getting 2 or 3 shards for a hero, or an item which we already have numerous of. 288 diamonds for a chest is better spent on stamina, where you can get about 480 stamina. This is more than enough to get the same quantity of shards or the item and then some. On top of this, through spending stamina we would get xp and perk points, rendering the gold chests even more of an expensive way to gather resources, especially considering the slow rate we would get them.

Drop Rates: The drop rate is poor.

You can spend 120 stamina to get Minion Mask scraps, for example, and finish with 2 of them. Bearing in mind there are about 14 heroes that need them, and there are 50 scrolls required for each full item, on top of the other items required to craft the overall item, this is a considerable amount of stamina, and could cost a fortune if you were buying stamina packs to try and get these items.

Diamond Rates & Event Rewards: The amount we spend per diamond doesn’t seem too reasonable, this is similar when looking at the rewards from events.

We understand that you’re a business and are looking to make money, there isn’t an expectation for everything to be free. However, I personally get most of my diamonds from Tapjoy now, because it is a much cheaper way of doing things. The only benefit to buying diamonds are the VIP tickets. But with Tapjoy, you can sometimes get about 4 - 6,000 diamonds for £10. This is a much better rate when compared to your £45 rate. Without having done much research into this, I would imagine that if you offered more diamonds per package, you’d likely sell a lot more packages.

In addition to this, the rewards from the events rarely seem reasonable. I’m sure people can add to this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a £100 deal which offered something ridiculous like 50,000xp, 2 million gold and 20 stamina packs for £100…that doesn’t seem reasonable, especially considering you can make all of this is a matter of days for free anyway.

As a final point, as fantastic as the 120 diamonds per day deal is, it may be worth considering adding deals that allow up to 3 months etc etc, but I’m not sure what everyone else thinks on this. I’d imagine you had it set to only 1 month because you weren’t sure how successful the game would be? But there are people who have been playing for months and I’d imagine you would make sales on these packages, and even if you didn’t, I don’t know what loss that would be to you?

Event Chests: The frequency and quality of event chests.

I’m not sure what everyone else thinks about this issue, but I have so far found that there don’t seem to be many event chests. There was a chest a few weeks ago which had fantastic drops, offering a range of useful items such as stamina packs and double drop items. I have found this to be the most useful chest. I’m not sure if you have set plans or time limits on releasing chests, but that chest in particular is something I would personally like to see more of, especially with the lack in ability to obtain double drop and stamina reset items.

Message Glitch: There is currently a glitch which forces to game to close once you send a message.

Albeit this doesn’t happen very often, it is still an annoyance when it does, especially when in all of those heated discussions in the VIP chat. It’s rather irritating when you miss the chance to make a witty comment because the game closed on the previous message.

I am sure this has probably been addressed and complaints have been made to you many a time from different people, but it seemed necessary to address whilst I was at it.

Guild Member PMs: The ability to send private messages to guild members.

This issue is less pressing and is being sent more on my own volition. But it becomes irritating when you can’t get a hold of a guild member and you don’t have them as a friend. I realise not everyone wants to chat and some people are just here to play a game, but it’d be nice to be able to send private messages to guild members who haven’t accepted friend requests yet. This might not be a problem for everyone, but it definitely is for smaller guilds. There may be some privacy issues with this, I’m not sure, but please consider it.

Friendly Guild War: The ability to choose guilds to fight against.

You recently added the ability to post and fight against each other’s lines, this was a great feature in my opinion. Not only can we duel each other, but we can check each other’s heroes if people need advice on decent set-ups.

However, a feature a few of us has discussed is the ability to fight wars against guild we chose. This could be a simply invite system where you invite them to fight. This is simply an idea for a friendly system where you could maybe keep a head-to-head score against one another or something. This doesn’t have to present rewards or ranking points to someone, as I could see how someone could just create a separate account and make another guild for them to fight over and over again to grind points out of. This is simply a side feature to the main ranked war which allows guilds to fight against one another to see how they are set up and maybe get ideas or just have a laugh.

VIP Rewards: The benefits to increasing VIP level.

Not that I have come across this problem, and I’m not sure how many people have or if it is a problem to them. But looking through the VIP level benefits, there doesn’t appear to be much incentive to get beyond guild level 10. After spending enough money to get there, you’d imagine there would be more reward for investing so much into the game.

I don’t know if there are plans to add benefits once there are new features available, or what plans you have here. Just figured it was worth a mention.

I think this is everything I have to say personally. It’s very possible I have overlooked something I had the intention of saying, and so I will edit it in if I come to remember it.

If anyone has anything they’d like me to add to this so that it can be seen and discussed, feel free to mention it to me and I’ll add it in.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to read and comment on this, as I realise there is a lot I have written. I’d appreciate the feedback.

I must add that I, and many other people, do enjoy this game, and this isn’t all just a demand of changes. It’s simply an attempt to bring everyone together and show you our thoughts on what improvements can be made.

My best regards to everyone reading this,


Guild update v1.0
Areas of Improvement #3
Just opinions if anyone agrees

Wiz… i couldnt agree more. After our little chats and discussing with others i think youve hit the nail on the head.
Lets all band together and continue to help this game be awesome


Thank you Worldbreaker. Let’s try and make sure as many people see this and add to it as possible. Thanks for the help with it as well.


I agree with this post 100%


This post pinpoints exactly where you need to improve The game. Thx Wiz for The time and commitment youve given This post


I like almost everything about your post @WizarteroX, However, guild wars are not friendly, and I can imagine a few guilds no one would ever choose to fight; what then, would those guilds do for opponents?

However; about the rest, thank you for articulating that intensely comprehensive load of information so very well.


@StickerBelle The friendly guild war option isn’t something that everyone has to use. It’s just for people who want to fight against each other.

I’ll give you an example: Me and Worldbreaker were drawn against each other a while back. Since we have both improved as guilds and would like a rematch. As we are lower ranked guilds who are continuously rising, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. We would like an option to chose to battle each other again to see how we’ve come along. This isn’t to influence the rankings or yield tokens, rather because we enjoyed the last battle and want to play against each other again.

It’s similar to the duel feature in a way :slight_smile:

And thank you for your appreciation of the post. If you could help circulate it, perhaps to your guild or to anyone else you might know, that’d be wonderful :smiley:


Very good and to the point message.

Game is great and worth spending a few bucks on, but some packages are just priced out of proportion.


I agree with several things especially

  • Gold chest rewards so often frustratingly bad I wouldn’t spend gems when much better ROI on stamina.
  • the amount of heroes that need same gear and that requires 50 sometimes when drop rate can be awful is frustrating
  • VIP level seems pointless over early level.
  • once I figured out heroes weren’t getting xp when using raid tickets I stopped using them. They are now worthless to me
  • getting Satyr through sign up and now I have to pay to get shards only potion is not cool. Not really bothering upgrading totem prince for same reason


Just a quick correction KiwiVillan - raid tickets give you bottled xp equivalent, so you can dispersed it amongst your hero’s as you see fit.


How would that work? Would you be unable to queue for regular Guild War while doing a friendly? Would people really choose a 2-3 day fight “for fun” that provides no tokens? Color me skeptical.

My thoughts on the rest:

  • Guild Wall - this (or something similar) is in the works already

  • Gold Chests - Part of what makes games like this last a long time is that it’s not easy to get everything maxed (unless you spend a lot - that’s also an intended feature). Gold chests would be awesome if they always dropped something useful or something you needed … but that would also cost PB a significant amount of money. However, I will say that in DS they eventually altered the contents of chests based on your level; perhaps they could do something similar here?

  • Drop Rates - again, if you got something you needed every raid, you’d run out of stuff to do. The drop rate seems fine to me, though it’s the same rate they used in DS so perhaps that’s why I don’t have an issue with it. As a VIP 5 player, I have 11 P1 heroes with full gear and 2 more missing just a single item. In fact, I’ve actually stopped farming gear to focus on stones again … so, based on that, I think it’s fine.

  • In every game I’ve ever played, Tapjoy has been a cheaper alternative to simply buying diamonds. Perhaps that’s because that’s the entire point of Tapjoy? :smile: I will say though, that in DS, you can purchase the monthly bundle for time periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. I hadn’t looked at the other options for PQ because the 30 offers better VIP tickets so I never looked elsewhere.

  • Event chests - again, they’re limiting the good things to make them more special.

Overall, a lot of your complaints seem to be that the grind is too long/hard. I would again reiterate caution with regard to these things - consider how many of the top players, who have everything maxed, have taken breaks from the game because they’re bored. This game is all about the grind … don’t remove that.


A friendly war would be just that. A one day event.
Test out lineups against each other for the enjoyment of the game and strategising with other leaders to see how we can improve in a friendly environment.

Tell me what you find wrong with that


The forums are hosted on the web at, which is where you are right now unless you have done something really surprising.

The site works very well on mobile browsers. Have fun learning!


It’ll be more fun if the guild leader can do something like buy some boost stuff for the rest of guild members tho. That will encourage the guild members to be active everyday


Raina… I know right… That gift for guild is crap…
Would be good if could hand out rare items as a reward for top influence earner or valiant war efforts.
My guild are a great team and would like to show them how much I value their efforts with gifting


I don’t think so as I receive ‘bottled’ XP regardless if I fight–both the Bottled and earned if actually fight–only bottled if I raid. When I figured this out I started putting hero who was next to get leveled and then earned 1/2 the XP before spending the resource bottles.


The bottled xp you receive for manual fights is bonus xp. If you see it after a raid, that’s bonus as well. The xp each hero would’ve earned for all raids combined is shown at the top of the raid report (or at least not in the list of dropped items).


It’s so amusing to see what issues are the same and which are different from so long ago @WizarteroX

Glad to see that you haven’t given up on lists :slight_smile:

Do you want to update this list with new stuffs…?

Now… As long as @Polaris doesn’t notice what I’ve done here , we should be okay.

Oh… Wait…:thinking:
Uh oh :roll_eyes:



I just want to know when someone has slid into my DMs… Is that too much to ask? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, I can’t edit posts after 3 months :frowning:

Hence why we’re here now: Portal Quest Improvements List 24.02.19