Arena bug - oasis


Twice in arena I had Oasis put Claw into a bubble but never came back down to fight. Please fix.


As an experienced player, you should know that PerBlue only handles bug reports in game, right?


As an experienced player, you know that perblue doesn’t always respond to everyone’s bug reports and this is more public display of the bug, right?


so we can discus is in the Bug Discussion forum at the feedback corner, right?


Both of your comments don’t make sense. I’m not saying he shouldn’t post it here, I’m just saying that it won’t help getting it fixed.


We reply to all tickets submitted. Using the forums doesn’t count as a bug report. :frowning:


We can still make posts about bugs can’t we :c The bug was present before so I’m sure other people have submitted it properly.

What’s the point of bug discussion other than “yes that’s a bad bug” can be made? Wouldn’t it be better if present bugs were public so everyone is up to speed?



They never do bugs in forums