Arena helpme please


Guys on server 9 does not exist platinum 1 ?? I was in Platinum 2 and I just went straight up to the challenger, does someone explain to me?


Has been the same on other servers too.
Just enjoy the rest until it fills up to 100 :slight_smile:


Also… Eventually when you drop down to plat 1 you’ll get the bonus for reaching it again.
Only the once though


:wave:t5: Hello

My Game doesn’t Download anymore :tired_face:, unless I restart my phone or it starts to Download and halfway in it stops :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and Never finishes!? 🥺


Thank for help pixie mici y really appreciate u help. PB has to pay you to help


I keep telling @Polaris that


Are you sure that your phone software is fully upgraded?


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