Arena lineups portal quest


I have a question about strong arena lineups, im in p4 and need to advance


Which server?
That would determine available heroes.

Also your gear on each one would make a difference.


I am playing on server 7


Post a screenshot of your arena bracket top players like this

and one of your heroes.

Like this preferably from hero log on war screen.


whats that hero. like snake.



this is the challenger league, and wrecking crew being my clan


Quick question.

Why aren’t you asking helix and vlad for advice?


We use the same arena defense im just looking for tips n tricks for the future


Oh. So like the heroes that are coming soon and stuff.

Well, I’m currently trying to get past birdman here. But struggling.

And challenger currently looks like this

As far as tips and tricks go…
See the heroes that are in 90% of the lines you’re looking at?
Work on them :wink:


Im trying my best to read about the skills, compare wich skill work well with that skill and etc but its difficult figuring that out. Alot of players on my server uses waith/punk and switches around with fox, pony or scion as a backline. But im trying to figure a new meta out


Iknow this request doesnt have any with my original question to do but could you please screenshot each token shop for me? :slight_smile:


Token shops develop differently on servers so that wouldn’t be much help


Alright, thought it might help me and my clan members out in the future since i am on server 7, know wich tokens worth saving and wich tokens i can keep spending


I tend not to buy much in shops, other than hero shards and (Sorry everyone) epic scraps.

Every now and then, I buy a piece of gear for the highest rarity, but only if several of the heroes I use actually need it.

The shops in each server have been allocated differently, probably to avoid people doing exactly what you planned.

Obviously tournament tokens are the rarest.
Don’t buy gear with those :slight_smile:


Yea, but different heroes for different servers… PB had a tendency to put the heroes you want in shops with hard to get tokens like tournament,arena, fortress so in general I save tokens for all shops except crusade…


I never buy gear with tokens unless its the last piece for maximum tier or have overflow with tokens