Arena Matches / Offense vs Defense


When going up against an opponent I look at the heroes they have, their lvl, and the stars for their heroes. Sometimes I challenge a lower lvl or lower starred heroes to win the match. My question is when challenging an opponent do they have a slight advantage defensively because sometimes I will lose to weaker opponents.


I find that my defense loses to much weaker leveled players. it seems if someone has the option to attack they have a chance at winning.

stars seem to be the most dominant, then level and aspect


This is weird, right? This has actually been bothering me for a while (bothering me in the sense that it doesn’t make sense; not bothering me because I think that shouldn’t happen), and is the reason I asked if there were hidden stats.

When you add a star, your hero gains health and damage - but these stats are baked into your hero’s power rating. Similarly, when a hero gains a level/gear, any health/damage is again baked into your hero’s power rating.

So if a 5* hero has 6000 power and a 3* hero has 8,000 power, the 8,000 power hero should be stronger. I know the power gained from skills skews the power number slightly, but I think it was only 4 per skill level (IIRC) and still, the overall premise remains - if there are no hidden stats and power takes into account health/damage from both levels and skills (it does) … then why do stars matter more?


Well im not sure if health is included in the power score. But more stars equals more health bar on a hero…

And possibly faster energy charges


I know this thread is old but the topic is still pertinent. Just now I was messing around with different lines in the arena. I didn’t realize that the line I made was 90k. I was just looking at aspects. So when I was done I saw that my opponent was 60k. Now, how on earth can I lose to a team that is 30k lower than I am? I just don’t get why. All of my heros are 5 star orange +4. Smh…I just don’t understand.


Trust me when I tell you this, power numbers are only useful for your overall ranking and are not indicitave of your likelihood of winning or losing. Team composition is far more important. Work on countering line ups. There are lots of useful threads here with tips for doing this. But as a veteran player, I don’t ever look at power. Skill level, rarity, and stats, sure. A lot of skills are level dependent. And rarity (promo level) adds quite a bit of base health and attack. But punk, for example, has a low power number and yet is one of the strongest heroes in the game.


Pony , punk , twilight, dragon heir , wisp…

All “low power” heroes.
Three of those make it into my first war hit.
The other two in my second / arena hit.

Brawler mass cog claw stone

All “high power” heroes
They come out for special occasions.
Orrrrrrrrr… When I’m nostalgic lol


That’s what I was trying to learn. We have like what 40 heros or something like that. And its not always easy to remember who has what special abilities. Most battles are brains not brawn but I was just kinda surprised. Thanks for the hints. Much appreciated!