Ascendable Ember Wisp

It appears that Ember Wisp has joined the list of Ascension Heroes

Are there any plans to let us know?

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tenor (1)

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She seems strong.

Bleed damage is insane.

This is a decent line for her now:


Skull, Noob, and Swash is the most iconic trio.

When --bae-- Salty ascends she’ll be used in this classic line, again:


Depending on who ascends in the next month, (specifically scarred and goon), I can see boxer being swapped. :thinking:


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In case you’re wondering…

Poor guy was prolly too wrapped up answering tickets.


Also, avoid reusing titles from popular threads. :grimacing:

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Doubt :grinning:


Fixed it for you


Also you’re regular now :eyes:

Yup :smirk: also seems title changes are revised can’t use the same words as before + can’t use other topics exact name :roll_eyes:

Ascendable Ember Wisp yawn :yawning_face::sleeping:

I forgot how fundamentally flawed all of these bad heroes are. Or, how grossly OP the new heroes are…

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