Ascension Heroes 2.0!

The previous Ascension Heroes post has been getting pretty long so we’re starting a new one!. From now on, we will post the next Hero that is ready for Ascension here! Previous post is here. New Heroes will be placed at the top of the list. If you’re not familiar with Ascension, you can read about it here.

Changes will rollover automatically on Wednesdays at 5AM CT.
Here is the list for the Heroes being added to Ascension:
6/1: Sparky (signin hero)
6/8: Gander Ramsay
6/15: Gate Keeper / Lion Knight
6/22: NitroPod
6/29: Aquamancer
7/1: Hipster Hexer (signin hero)
7/6: Slow Moe
7/13: Carl Nivore
7/20: Mischievous Muse
7/27: Loud Larry
8/1: Bull Dozer (signin hero)
8/3: Tinker Tot
8/10: Hail Whale
8/17: Automa Tom
8/24: Beeatrice
8/31: Daisy Jones
9/1: Faceless One (signin hero)
9/7: Beep Borp
9/14: Soul Collector
9/21: Fierce Pharaoh
9/28: Broom Guard

Heroes that have been added:
Brogue Rowman
Marvelous Magnu
Grimelda Reaper
Short Stack
Sassy Slasher
Father Forest
Bone Baron*
Crystal Cleric
Pesky Pixie
Frost Biter
Flint Lock
Splash Phoenix
Prize Fighter
Spark Phoenix
Crimson Cultist
Soul Phoenix
Catapult Dwarf
Green Bandit
Tubby Traveler
Drama Llama
Macabre Medic
Bouncing Basher
Queen Bruja
Hare Raiser
Sprout Phoenix


Oh @Loutre

I did wonder if this would have been what pulled me back in…
Especially as an early Christmas present.

But if you can’t even be bothered to proof read your hero names, why should I even bother lol?

Merry Christmas from Mici, everyone.
As a present to you all, I won’t be back :wink:


Apologies on the misspelling!

It would be more of a present to all of us if you stayed…


starts maxing out heroes that are gonna be out later on

Thanks for the preview!

Would be cool to get monthly ascension previews for the next 4 weeks even if it isn’t PB holidays

of course you will. You can’t stay away… :grin:

Thank God, you petty little person… Someone who gets a character in a game named after their likeness finds a reason to complain on a daily basis. Please go


We love you, you Pesky little Pixie princess…

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The irony of you getting irritated by even the slightest reply of this ‘always complaining person’…

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I’m breaking the first rule of my guild lol, but…
Go search for the guild “Retirement Club”

I don’t intend to post again on this forum.
Pesky Birthday / Alcohol combination.

But at least you can check that I’m still gone :wink:

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."
– Luke 6:37

The rest of the January Heroes have been added! I will be adding Heroes by month going forward.


oh the birds are getting some love now too. Too bad they will be still just as bad as before unless you completely redo their numbers.


We really, desperately need more elite campaign resets to keep up. Please and thank you!


4/5 birds are useless they need a complete overhaul just a wate of time and effort pointless to ascend


February Ascension Heroes have been added!

penguins are still pretty much useless since nothing has really changed. You could make them ascended 5* and they are still junk. Pink penguin would be the only exception. They need more adjustments.

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Better off talking to a brick wall


I might be one of a few, but I’m looking forward to the rest of the ascensions (both heroes and ascension levels). Kind of wish it was going faster. And an additional way to use essences.

Yah, they should release Asc3 now!!

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