Ascension Heroes!

We’re keeping Ascension announcements in one place. From now on, we will post the next Hero that is ready for Ascension here. New Heroes will be placed at the top of the list. If you’re not familiar with Ascension, you can read about it here.

Ascension is currently unlocked on Servers 1 and 11. Changes will rollover automatically on Wednesday, July 28st at 5AM CT.

Whirling Dagger is ready for Ascension!
Satyr Fox
Scarred Brawler
Mass Destruction
Spell Binder
Ember Wisp
Rogue Bowman
Princess Portal
Elder Mohawk
Hex Witch
Ginger Beard
Feral Brute
Noob Hero
Skull Buster
Wander Woman
Mystic Punk


Mici says Gingy is next. Gingy gets ascension.

Mici says Hex Witch is next. Hex Witch gets ascension.

Who let --Bob-- Mici in the office?


Mici identifies heroes that have great skills, but have fallen by the wayside due to scaling issues.

Per blue chooses to ascend heroes that have great skills, but have fallen by the wayside due to scaling issues.

Who let --QAnon-- Wadda in… At all?


I’d like to see ascension for:

Spell Binder
Grizzled Hunter
Void Caster
Princess Portal
Light Warden
And Fox


we need sprout asap still. Forget all these old washed-up heroes. We need a big dog ascended.

Sprout’s already op enough

**Birdbarian, Ember Wisp, and the Phoenix Birbs seem so forgotten…
[Ember Wisp is being ascended]

***I’m suspecting 4 to be close to being chosen:
• Salty Merc
• Rogue Bowman (he’s ascended now)
• War Blade
• Brass Monk
• Oasis Guardian

Suffering succotash!


Keeping us waiting …

Let’s keep it that way

We would love a twin tracker double team again, take us back to an innocent youth :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You want to be double teamed by twins, yet you claim to be innocent…?


What time do you release info?

New Hero added!!! :smile:

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Will any base stats be changed on some of these heroes as suggested earlier. I feel like ascended Mo will be only slightly less useless than unascended Mo. Bless him.


Poor Mo. We did mention in the Ascension Preview post that we would adjust if needed. I’m not sure which or if any of these Heroes have received that, but will double check with the team.


@WizarteroX is going to be insufferable…

I thought we had a deal @Samm

:open_mouth: Mo has been referred to as Elder Mohawk!

How dare, Samm!

If adjusting after Ascension is really going to happen, please do something about Hex because she’s still shyte! Everybody was so looking forward to her being ascended, then it happens… and mass disappointment :weary:


Hence why i never bothered ascending her :rofl:
Some heros are just filler and used as a way to waste players inventory as has always been the case

Wheres void anyways ?
Hes the real focus demon that needed ascension

And mohawk??really :rofl: he was crap with his epic release and still will be

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Mo doesn’t need epic or Ascension. He’s a Greater Mo on his own without that magic. But yeah stats change for the current released heroes and beginning to ascend the real gods (Stormy) would be nice

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