Ascension Problem

Dear Per Blue,

I’m out of essences. Please send help. Or remove the need to max both honors. I ran out after the 2nd hero ascension so if others aren’t having this issue they will be soon. Thank you!


Dear per blue.

At least give a list of which heroes are being left to the end, so that we can can steal all of theirs…

That’s how I plan to get swash done.

(I know, I thought I’d quit too. Dang it.)


Right? Like if I steal from willow, guarantee she’ll be next week…

I wouldn’t steal from any of the original heroes, to be faiiiiir…

Easiest answer would be some more essence.
(Not behind a paywall though)

Contest rewards, those chests that I haven’t seen in ages…

Our prayers have been answered @sticker_jenni

Four should be enough, right?



Thanks for listening, PB!

Ohhhh there’s a decent amount in the contest though! I’m pleased! (no sarcasm).

Problem is there are too many heroes! 'Nuff said!

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I hate when people say this.

Lack of essences and XP is the problem. NOT too many heroes.

Most toons aren’t meta, so you don’t need to honor them unless you really wanted to. In fact, it’s probably most efficient to only honor your war teams.

You. Don’t. Need. To. Upgrade. All. Your. Toons.

Wait. What…?

Then what’s the point of this game???

What’s the point of anything, anymore?

Existential crisis increasing

Mici levelled up!
Stats increased:
Nihilism +1
Depression +2
Sarcasm +10
Caffeine dependency +5
Tolerance -100

New trait unlocked
Cinnamon bunny
Attempting to engage this player without the appropriate syrup and / or waffle may result in the forum user being doused in coffee.
Approach at own risk


Is quad trials at a non contest day enough of a reason?

That just sounds like a way to get free coffee - sign me up

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