At least Adam liked people's posts

It made it easier to deal with The incessant inanity.

Apart from the Horrific awarding of waifu status to shiny spiny, I literally have no idea what you are for.

Also… Make one thread and spam yourself , rather than this torrent of effluence.

Please :slight_smile:
I’ll get Wiz to sign something for you…


how many likes have I given you?? it must be nearly into the 50/60s by now :joy:


You can go to your profile and check…


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You are far too kind

I only like a post if it is

  1. about S3xy Shiny Spiny
    Or 2) about Wizs autograph

Even if it’s about a fellow Wadda you wont like? What type of Wadda are you?

ive only liked 209 posts :joy:

50 of them are to Mici


I like anything that I either agree with or that makes me laugh (or both) :smile:


Same here. You must’ve been here for a heck of a lot longer than me then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Wiz like machine is useful too…

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Wiz? Where’s the Wiz? Gimme Scooby Snack

Weeeeelll in fairness it’s really easy to make me laugh :laughing:

About a year in Feb. When I joined up though I back-read quite a lot of older posts to get a feel for the landscape.

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