Attacking guide for war


Hey all,
It seems like a lot of people in a lot of guilds have trouble with attacking the right towers, or with not losing their attacks. So, I tried to create a complete attacking guide which might make attacking and/or coordination a little bit easier for everyone.

Guild war guidelines:

You want to take the right path.

  • Always think about the mage towers. Strong opponent? Take down at least 2 mage towers.
  • Some paths have weaker teams than others (either on purpose or not). Strategize about whether you can afford to take the ‘easier’ path or not, as it might not always be better because of mage towers. Again, against strong opponents you’ll also need to kill the middle mage tower.
  • This is a very basic war guide, so I just recommend to take down at least 2 mage towers and play as organised as possible (with as few losses as possible) against stronger opponents. But if your guild is pretty organised, you could discuss and try something risky, on the condition that almost all attacks will need to be won.
  • Are you no guild leader, but there is no marked path yet? Ask about it first in the guild war chat! Leaders, have the strategy ready on time!
  • Advanced: You can use the enemy summary (in the active war log) to estimate how long it will take before your enemy finishes, by looking at how much total points they have, or how many possible keep hitters can attack. If they’re almost done, you can take some more risks to try and still win, by letting weaker people attack.

Keep war chat to war chat.

  • Friendly chat can be in the guild tab, try to only talk about war in the war chat or practice with lineups. (Should I use hermit or wizard against “name”)
  • Request points when you need them. You want to avoid the donation menu, because for now it’s still very unclear. Requesting points in the war chat is the easiest for everyone.
  • Do you want to donate but there are no requests? Ask your leader/champions/war chiefs in war chat who needs the points. Are those ranks not active in war? (Leave your guild or) donate to the strongest people who could hit the Keep.

Who does what?

  • Something everyone should know, is “Don’t lose”. If someone can’t win, they should know they’ll need to donate. Get this message across to everyone using a sticky post, and PM’s if needed.
  • The strongest people will hit the keep. With the longer wars, keep hitters should first hit at least one different tower. But you do want people to know that they need to save for the keep. Try setting up a rule like “As many top players as there are lines in keep (+ spare) are keep hitters.” These people need 20 points (and a fresh team) after the third tower.

Last, but most important: Prevent losses.

  • Using the NPC’s (minions) you can charge your team’s skills. If these are gone, winning becomes a lot harder. Everyone should know that they’ll need an equally strong team to beat a lineup, or a stronger one to beat a lineup with mage tower buffs!
  • Don’t compromise too much. Of course it’s very useful to use a secondary team instead of a normal one, but attack points generate quite fast and 5 isn’t that much. Discuss your secondary team in war chat, and if it might not be good enough, just refresh (in the screen where you change your attacking heroes) your heroes for 5 points and use your main team!
  • Effectively use the minions’ lineup to charge your team, so don’t use their skills on the minions! If your team is strong enough, beating the minions without using skills should be a piece of cake.
  • If an attack has been lost and a charged lineup is standing, attack it with a team that’s a lot stronger, or a team that can silence their skills, to prevent an endless amount of cleanups needed. Get it down with one of the strongest members, because otherwise it might become an attack points’ pit.

The most difficult is getting people to follow the strategy. Try to contact them, and inform them of guidelines like these. No reaction? Then you have no option left but kicking. If Tue leadership actively corrects/kicks people, the guild will eventually fill with good members.

If I forgot anything important, please post below. I hope this was useful, and good luck in war! :smile:

Any tips for a new player?
Setting up new teams in Guild War

Use the “Enemy Summary” to your advantage. It will tell you how many points they start with, they have donated, used, and received. It’s great for when you have the extra point tower because you can know ahead of time you’ll have an advantage. Use the enemy team power and summary to see who their main attackers and heavy hitters are and if they havn’t been on for a while. This can be a great advantage when used properly since you can learn a good amount about your enemy.

Refreshing: it’s a GREAT part of war! It takes 5 points to refresh the team you used and can make a difference when attacking. Already used your A team, but need it for a heavy hitter? Refresh it and be on your way. Many don’t realize you can refresh or how and it can become useful quickly.


To basic for the wider crowd. If people can’t even figure this out by thier own, they should not run or lead guilds in anyway. At least not towards playing war. Yeah i know the big tips and tricks will not be written here and nor should they.

It all can be summed up on one line.
Apply only to get them to understand that they need to read all guild walls.
If they cannot manage to do that, the most wars will be lost and it’s doomed.


I thought what you’ve posted here is fantastic for players to get an understanding of how to go about wars. You’ve done a great job in sharing your knowledge and helping the community!
Well done mate, well done.


I would offer slightly different advice here - if you don’t know who to donate to, ask a leader/champ/warchief!

Been thinking about these a little, too. This is very good advice in general. I have been wondering though - if you are the underdog in a matchup, these might not apply as much. Underdogs usually can’t afford to go the same route as the other guild since most guilds tend to stack middle/bottom and that’s the “safest” route. It might be that as the weaker guild in a matchup, you might need to do something a little more high risk/high reward and simply eschew the traditional route in favor of something with fewer lines/weaker teams.

Just a thought though, not sure if that would leave an unkillable keep.

But overall, great post, hopefully people read this when they are first starting out and aren’t sure how war works!


@CookieRain and @Sticker_Warchief: Thanks for the feedback, I tried to add these things, or broaden the explanation.

@Lif3Changer: You don’t want to know how many people have trouble with these basic things. Not all guild leaders can just kick half of their members, and not all guild members want to switch guilds because of an inactive leader.


Awesome! Thank u :grin:


“Wider” is a lot bigger than you are imagining. If you were joking or exaggerating here, it wasn’t obvious. Did you mean to be insulting to the vast majority of players?

I am a guild leader on one server and a champion on the other. Neither is particularly competitive, by choice, but we have some reasonably active players who make a general hacking stab at war.

It is only by reading these forums that I have picked up as much advice as is in this post. This post included a few pieces of advice I had not heard before. I have been playing in wars, and reading these forums, and I think paying reasonable attention, for over a month.

Is this too obvious for a top 40 guild on Server 1? Sure. But for a top 200 S1 guild, or a top 50 S2 guild, no, these things aren’t obvious. I can tell you this from direct experience.

In the kind of guild where people are kicked for not following the marked path, maybe too obvious. That is not most guilds.

@Helios, thanks for the advice. It’s helpful to have it in one place.


@Helios I do know, so you’re right on that part. No but all guild leaders can and should replace those players over time, no one says that they has to kick all those players that do not read or communicate in any form at once!, it’s not an impossible task to do over time and as long as there is no way or other way to switch or gain leadership upon Inactivity, then you at some point have to take that step.

If the original guild leader is inactive over a period of time and do not seams to be returning there is only one thing to do and that is to make it transition to a new guild. That do suck and i know cause i have done such a move myself going from some to nothing, just due to other conditions.

@Mx_Glamtastic Take it the wrong way if you want to, but this is really the basic of the basic and something players should be able to learn by just playing the game over time. The game and games in general today are designed towards being easy to learn and easy to play for the vast majority of players.

I know who you are, we have actually chit chatted a little in vip chat on server 1.

Perhaps i have just played to many games or comes from a generation where we learned things by doing them and learning the do’s and the don’t that way and did not have anyone to tell us or explain us everything. But however you turn it around it’s is very basic.

Then we do clearly experience things differently in an direct matter, as this is pretty obvious to me without even have played the game for 2 months. But we are all different and learn things different ways and i did not mean to offend anyone and nor should they be. if people feel or gets offended by my opinion is different than what they think, so be it. That i cannot change and i do not feel the need to apologize for that.

When all that is said, i stick to my original comment, as communication is key and to way many players does not even read the motto upon joining a guild through open invitation. Nor do the majority of players accept a request for friendships and often if they do accept it, then they do not read the message you as leader try to get through.

So if we all just took the tip i actually presented in my original comment instead of feeling so damn insulted, then i did in short term say. -->

Set guild to apply and have applicants to Pm who they need to or Pm them when they Apply. So you can have a talk with the player before they can join the guild, as that does elleminate almost all failure of communication forward and makes it much more easy for the guild leader, commander, war chief or even officers to get things to run more smooth.


It’s true! I enjoy talking with you. You and I relate to the game, and to forum discussions, very differently. Let’s put it down to a misunderstanding and move on.


I understand you should pick the best path to the keep BUT does it have to be a straight line? For example can you attack the bottom tier 1 tower and then attack the top tier 2 tower?


Some people are dedicated, some are casual players. Most are casual. This post is aimed at them, not at people going for a top 5-placement.

I’m going to give everyone the best tip for guild war ever: never run a fight on auto. Ever. Not “manual for round 1, auto for round 2” - never auto. Auto is terrible.

This might seem trivial, but there are seriously people in the top 5 guilds that still runs auto.


You should only take down one tower of each tower, unless you really need to take down both the lower and upper mage tower. However, I have not yet seen a war in which that would’ve been profitable.

Attacking towers works like this: The Keep can be attacked after either a top or bottom tier 3 tower has been taken out. To take those down, you first need to take out the tier 2 tower before it (Top unlocks the next top tower only, not bottom!). Tier 1 works roughly the same: Bottom T1 unlocks bottom T2, top T1 unlocks top T2. The exception is the middle tower, which unlocks both the top and bottom T2 towers/paths, as well as the middle mage tower.

You should decide whether you go top, bottom or middle by thinking about which mage towers are best to take out and which path has the weakest lineups. I hope that helps, if you have any question, feel free to ask.

I thought that was already in the thread, but I just saw I didn’t literally mention that. I’ll edit it, thanks!

Edit: Apparently the post is too old so I can’t edit it anymore. I’m certain it’s clear to the majority though, as I did mention to time skills carefully.