August Alt Amnesty Adequately Alliterative

Dear per blue.

Pity poor silly server one players that for whatever reason happen to have two accounts.

Faced with the terrible choices of being forced to:

  1. Quit

  2. Run two accounts until we collapse

  3. Per blue to power level S8 through five rarities and break poor s10 players minds and their current greater income from poorer deals

We are really only left with one viable option.
A consolidation request window for server one.

Possibly to stop me clattering on about it as much as I did about a pixie hero until that happened, and for the amusing alliteration…



A poll was ran and nobody at all opposes this idea.


Zero people don’t not want an alt amnesty.

Oh… Wait…

Maybe we need a new poll.
Or an alt amnesty?

You decide.

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And how many of the votes for were from all your alts :wink:

I voted once.
You can see what for, as it’s blue.

You can see who voted in the answers page.

You had me at booby

What the heck is an alt amnesty

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An account consolidation request window.
For server one people.
If you have two or more accounts that are yours that you have always been the owner of and you didn’t merge when you had the chance for whatever reason…

Then there should be a no questions asked account consolidation period where we can have one last chance to merge.

It isn’t hurting anyone that merged already, and it isn’t hurting anyone that didn’t merge and still didn’t want to…

All it is doing is giving people that decided to run both accounts and now regret that decision have one last chance to change their minds.

Alt Amnesty

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This ^


Please :slight_smile:

See, it’s not just me and my alts.

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Be careful what you wish for

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Threads that close in a timely manner?

Bumpity, bump, bump :grin:

Fer Adam :grin:

Fer Adam, per Adam :joy:

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