August Sign In Heroes


August Sign-In Heroes

unit_paladinServer 1: Light Warden
unit_paladinServer 2: Light Warden
unit_pumbaaServer 3: Birdbarian
unit_bluemageServer 4: Mystic Punk
unit_warpmage_finesseServer 5: Warp Mage
unit_warpmage_finesseServer 6: Warp Mage
unit_warpmage_finesseServer 7: Warp Mage
unit_wild_cyoteServer 8: Satyr Fox

Other Location CHanges

Server 4:
Warp Mage into Arena Shop
Ember Wisp replaces Mystic Punk in Campaign

Server 5:
The Grizz moves into chapters 7,8,10

Server 6:
Shield Maiden replaces Hex Witch in the Crusade Shop

Server 7:
Totem Prince replaces Void Caster in the Crusade Shop


What no epic or cap for server 7. This sucks. We went to have epic dungeon so we can start building our hero’s. Mine are lv 85 max skills on 20 purple 3 out of 33 hero’s.


And no level raise for S1?!?! Thats ludicrous!!


Oi! Are you trying to start a fight?


Be careful what you wish for :joy:


S5 has been fu… enough with cap increases and epics and and and.
So I agree, be careful what you wish for.

Also what’s the point of having log in heroes that are available for ages?


Happy with Light Warrior. And please don’t wish for a raise in lvl caps, I still haven’t caught up, haha!


Instead of a like button, can we have a jab button? (That’s the roughest I dare be in a public forum)


Honestly Im ready to accept a cap raise if it comes with a fix for twin tracker @Etesian :wink: Just dont come at me all at once everybody. Please get in line :joy:


What!? rolls up sleeves


Haha you and me both