Autocraft failing consistently

Since the last update, everytime I try and autocraft any of my hero’s it. Ones up with a fail message or says that it needs to go in a different slot, see pictured below


I have force closed the game several times, even tried restarting my phone, but problem persists. I tried going onto support but just got a standard “we’ll get back to you when/if we can be bothered” responce. Is this a known issue and when will it be fixed. Starting to really annoy me and its ruining a great game.

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The one where it says you need to use a different item in that slot is probably because after you craft an item component you’re pressing equip. Since you can’t actually equip the component it gives that message

@AliasEck. Welcome to the community.




I chose not to auto craft bc it cost more consumables to do so. I do it the old fashioned way, even though it may take more time, I at least am in control of my gear and consumables. This is for me and what I chose to do. I am not saying this is what anyone else should do. This is what I have learned from experience.



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