Ave fénix está reclutando

Gremio activo servidor 11 reclutamiento de jugadores activos nivel 180 lenguaje español e ingles-active guild server 11 recruiting active players level 180 languages ​​Spanish and English

That’s a lot of languages


I am Spanish, maybe the translator does not translate in the order that I write or does not conjugate the verbs, etc. I wanted to say s11 level 150+ and Spanish and English language

I am also a Spanish girl and when translating, she speaks Spanish as if I were male

Lo siento.
Estaba tratando de ser divertida.
mi sentido del humor es bastante malo en ingles.

no estoy en ese servidor.
buena suerte.

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Du bist ein kartoffelkopf weil du nicht viel lustig ist

Apologies to any Germans reading that my grammar is probably insultingly awful

todo bien contigo muchas gracias e igualmente

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