Badge post for all


I thought I’d do something a bit more interesting and post for other users to get more of the illusive badges here. Quote me. At me. Emoji. Whichever you wish! :small_blue_diamond:




Hey @Hulkette what say you?


Lol. Stop it. Ok? Weirdo


Leave me alone
Look something up there


Manipulation of multiple accounts for rewards.
Really? :wink:


I never said it was abuse.
That’s a big word for such a small issue

Also… The :wink: was kind of there to help with the fact that gentle teasing and humour doesn’t travel well via text, dear :slight_smile:


If you feel I have overstepped some weird random boundary here, you could always complain to my guild leader and ask them to monitor my forum posts?

Oh… Wait…
Never mind :wink:


That is true. But I posted this for everyone so they could all get their badges. Likes. Mentions. Quotes. Links. Outbox


Apparently @Pixie_Mici posting a facebook thing is an outbox link? #general


I have no interest in badges, sorry.

Best of luck to you and your collections :slight_smile:


I wasn’t trying to create more than 1 account here. I thought they’d just connect my email to all accounts. Guess not. But. I’m kinda disappointed my regular badge poofed


Just what good are the badges for? Do they give any advantage or are they just for show? :rofl:


Well a regular badge lets you move and modify posts that aren’t yours


Regular badge is for regular people,

Apparently not for Mici and me ;(


Mici has that badge. You have to be super active on this forum to get it


Dammit, super active?

Have you looked at the forum, apparently not active


Like commenting on a ton of posts. Handing out likes left and right. Being helpful


Have you looked at the forum topics again?

Actually am really active, so where’s my badge PB ;(

Btw I can take leader badge instead xD


Hahaha. I’ve seen you in a few things but she is everywhere. Try to get some easy badges… Lol