Badge post for all


She is, sometimes I am lucky if I get a topic before her

psshh she never sleeps


Yeah it seems that way


:grin::grin::joy::rofl::smiley::smile::smile::sweat_smile::laughing::yum::laughing: Got to love it!!÷


I wondered why my ears were burning…


P.s. I blame you for making me do this…

Gotta catch em all…


I may have now read them.
Whether I follow them …
That’s a different matter :wink:


FYI regarding regular status…
The link lists what you actually have to do to earn it.


Think I got over 5 flags for random stuff, well i’m never gonna be a regular ;(
only thing i am missing is giving 30 likes

rip me ;(
No Regular Turtle

Edit gave 30 likes
Still have over 5 flags I think, FeelsBadMan


Wow, that’s crazy


More info on earning said badge


Once you get the badge you can lose it like I did by not being as active. Its worth earning this badge.


It’s not just flagged.
It’s spam or offensive flags.


Lots of flags.


Thank you mici. They really should update it


Wondering how I get this anniversary badge :thinking::thinking::thinking:
I joined September 2017… An I post like a loony at least a handful of posts per week !

Same with the gives back.


Your only hope now is a faulty contraceptive and a time machine



After 10 years i finally got the regular badge

I feel good now, the Turtle god, was watching and knew that I deserved it

Clap Clap


Next goal is Leader badge


Good luck with that.
I doubt @Polaris likes us enough to give us that much power.

Prove me wrong? :wink:


Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of badges?


We don’t need no steenkin badges