Because Math - Transmutation offer

Why would anyone buy this when you can buy torches from the merchant for gold for almost half the price:

Transmutation offer:
50 torches at $5 million gold = $100,000/torch

Merchant offer:
5 torches at $300,000 gold = $60,000/torch

By the way, I have a bridge to sell you…

Maybe it’s because you can’t buy 50 torches at once without loosing some hundreds of diamonds :wink:
& believe me, the ones who have the gold, will spend it :smirk:

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Ill spend it and i dont even have the gold… And tbh dont even need the torches either
But how often do you gwt the chance to have torches hoarded in your mail box for a rainy day :wink:


I’ve still got 20,000 in my inventory lol

I bought them too :rofl:
All packs :joy:

@Pixie_Mici how were you able to stock up this much :sweat_smile:

Account consolidation.

Pesky server merges.


I love these deals!! Keep’em coming please!

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