Becoming a moderator


How does one become a mod?


1.) Apply to become a PerBlue employee.
2.) ???
3.) Profit.


Hi Taris!

We don’t currently have a player moderator program. We’ll update if that changes!


You definitely need one lol


You have someone in global chat recruiting for team members. It doesn’t specifically say looking for mods, but it is definitely clear that is what they are requesting… and more than 1 assumed that in chat. If something has changed, I have not see this update, so I wanted to know what was going on. Thank you.


Errr… two things with that picture.

1.) That fellow is just recruiting for his guild lol.
2.) All PerBlue employee’s official account names are blue in chat. It’s easily distinguishable from normal players. Image below for reference.


I didn’t know that and I’m not the only one who assumed it was a mod request the way he put it. I’m new, I had no idea their names would show up a different color… I have yet to see this.


It’s fine haha. I just wanted to inform you was all.


Is there any updates to become mods yet I would love to become one my server has alot of issues with language and also being LGBT friendly and mostly homophobic people who are out to hurt others . I myself have been a victim of it .


Hey Seth, they don’t seem to be making moves toward non-employee mods, so report and block is still the limit of what you can do in public chat. Please do this as often as you have the energy for it; they do take action.

However, if you need a guaranteed LGBT-friendly guild on Server 2, I would happily save you a slot in Rainbow Pride, or coach you on getting a safe guild thriving on another server. Private message me any time.



If I moved to an other server I have some friends I would like to still be able to talk to is that possible? And still keep my level and such?


Sadly no, they are completely separate. I will message you more about this privately.