?Before the Christmas Name?


Are we going to be able to switch from our Christmas name we switched to back to our orginal name or will we have to pay to have it changed?


One free name change… How it was used was down to the individual players.
I’m an avid fan of numerous name changes so for me the free one was just another one to add to the list that month

Until such time there’s another free name change any future ones will cost 100 gems.


We were given a second name change after last year’s holidays, so I assume the same will happen this year.


What is this Christmas name change deal? I didn’t see hide nor hair of it. Hope the after Holiday freebie proves true!


That would be nice


Was one of the 12 days of December gift packages


Oh hahaha oops


Thanks Cottontail! Guess I “missed it by that much”:slight_smile:


Nope. It’s still there.
Normally it says 100 diamonds to change name
It’s still free…


Unless you already changed.


Pixie: I see. I’m a newbie so I would have got the first name change free anyway. If it’s offered occaisionally beside; that makes for a bit of musical chairs wot? :smile:


It’s usually just a Christmas thing , so you’ve got a year to wait.

Orrrrr… Spend 100 diamonds that could have gone on stamina or essences…


Not after what I learned from the most recent contest :wink:


Every server is a sea world server.