Beginners guide for spending diamonds


Just wondering as a beginner what is the best way to progress specifically with diamonds. Is it best to just spend them on refills or is the something else (such as chest)?


Swashbuckler shards in trade and dragon shops.


Stamina (120 for 50 diamonds) is probably the best thing for you at the moment.


Or overstuffed chests
Especially if you peek first


I’m not sure what Server you are on, and whether these deals translate to other servers, but…

The best value for your diamonds, in my opinion, comes from the Stamina Pack event purchases. You can buy 50 stam packs and some raid tickets for 1000 diamonds.

If you sepnt 1000 diamonds on raw stamina, at a rate of 120 stamina for 50 diamonds, 1000 diamonds would buy you 2400 stamina. Whereas buying 50 stam packs gets you 3000 stamina, AND you get to store all of that stamina and spend it when you have a Double Drops consumable running, meaning you get more value from your diamonds :slight_smile:

TL;DR: 1000 diamond Event Deals for Stam Packs


Ok so it seems I should spend them on stamina mainly, but when deals pop up, try to take them. Thanks for all the advice :slight_smile:


Yeah, just don’t spend em on gold…


if you’re on s8, then don’t expect any stamina deals that cost diamonds to come up, they don’t, not yet


Dont underestimate the power of an elite-elite dungeon revive. The first one costs just 50 diamonds. Plus you can usually find 10 diamonds a floor if you hit every chest and enemy, so it pays for itself.
The reasons I like the first reset is because Epic-Epic costs alot of keys, you can earn tons of scrap and epic gear, plus as i mentioned, it can literally pay for itself. But its only worth it at the 50 diamonds costs. After that youre probably not going to survive long enough to make it worth it.


It all depends on how much money your willing to spend. If your patient enough I’d wait for contests (especially for a stamina/diamond contest) and use them on overstuffed chests (lots of helpful items in there) or I like to use them on epic gear chests. Also the 120 stamina for 50 diamonds isn’t too bad either.


Tbh I mostly use diamonds on nuggets from the trade ship and dragon shop. I use all that gold on skill points.


Gold wont be an issue late game. Stamina is always an issue :slight_smile: do fort. Its a good money horder.