Best guild ... Antidote*


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Are you OK? Would you like someone to talk it over with?


I like how you implied that everyone who isn’t part of this guild will agree with you, and people from the guild who respond here are being untruthful due to their biases.

But wow, your post sure is eye-opening. This guild kicks people who aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do - truly reprehensible. No guild should ever kick people for any reason, because that would just be mean.
On top of that, they run war exactly how the other top guilds run war.

One of the worst things you’ve revealed is about how the guild lets people know when there’s a good deal going on. Every spender in this game checks the deal wall every hour, so there’s no reason to inform friends about unusually good deals.

I can’t believe they kicked you. What guild wouldn’t want someone who blows up and throws everyone under the bus when something they don’t like happens to them?


Gotta say, I agree with HOO. Such a disgrace to the community. I’m ashamed to even play the same game as these cheaters…


You saved me the trouble to write this :+1:


Nothing against you being sick for 3 consecutive days, buuuuuuuuuuut was the leader informed or a commander?!
If it wouldn’t hurt our war defenses, we would kick inactives after 3 days… Here is the exception: leadership knows about it (Tadaaaaa, you’re not kicked out)
A guild that wants to be on top: has rules, has metas, gives advice on line ups, wants to approve of every line up before an attack & maybe requires videos of your attacks…
Everyone has to pull the cart there!!!
And I bet you know that…


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I think I need an upgrade from popcorn. How about ribeye steak with a loaded baked potato and blooming onion?

Sorry I miss Outback :pensive: Red Lobster will do.


Someone want to call the wambulance for this person? Maybe stop by McDonald’s to get some French cries? Let the tears flow. Get over it dude.


Some typos

You’re starting to annoy me

I/we really don’t care about your problems

It’s not hate, if we’re telling the truth :slight_smile:
I would call it great feedback




No cheaters, just need a well organized guild to beat them. Basically the same rules as they have.


I heard Antidote encourages slaying teams of heroes (HEROES!!) who just sit and chill in their towers on a daily basis. If you believe in heroes and not DEATH MURDeRERS then this is not the guild for you!! These sickos even cheer each kill like some kind of twisted cult, WHO DOES THAT?!?


Alts rule the rankings
Always will


Unless of course… Magical changes happen to war


Even then it could be debatable


There should’ve been some “smart” sentences used here but alas… Proof reading is a dying art

you misspelled trikru and molon.


Reviewing the through… I’ve really no idea what that means… I can see why you were replaced because reading that kind of mumbo jumbo each time you speak makes my eyes hurt :rofl:


Someone say onion?


Oh… I was being sarcastic :slight_smile:


I blame Bob