Best hero vs hero counters?

I’m always curious when lining up and haven’t seen a thread on this.

What a the top 10 used hero counters

i.e. Stalker beats Hunter

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A list like this is pretty hard to make since the game is a 5v5 situation, not really 1v1. So there will be exceptions to these.

True just wondering if any stand outs

I think of wouldn’t really be hero vs hero, but more like hero and how to use.


  • Swash beats annoying back liner, if they can take more than 10% of total health in damage.
  • Warblade resists precharged PP/Hex.

I’m probably not playing with enough heroes to create such a list, so I’ll leave that to others.

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There are many heroes which have high and medium synergy with others. Breaking down to a single hero isn’t too good since some are really bad when you see them alone.

I think what you should be asking it’s which heroe lineups work well together, sentence skill points, gear, and stars all play in how your heroes performs.

just use a blocky hero against another blocky hero, but i warn you… fermit vs fermit duels, or wiz vs wiz duels are really boring…