Blank screen for war defense


I’m getting a blank screen when trying to set up war defenses.


Send a ticket, they’ll reset it


How do I send a ticket?


I’m up!

From the main screen, click your hero portrait, scroll down and click the support button.

Then, open a random faq topic and in the top right corner a chat icon will appear. Click that, and a conversation will open and you can describe your issue.


I swear you get a notification or something. :joy:

It will never not impress me.:blush:


Damn, my one opportunity to beat you to it and no…


Now @Helios has joined the portal quest community discord server, they will get a notification lol @SativaSavvy

The world is doomed


Why do I feel like mici and Helios talk in the forum’s more than they play PQ


Mici is just hardcore, I actually do spend more time on the forums than in game some days :sweat_smile:

A more common time consumer is line/discord chats… Especially after finding that RPG bot :roll_eyes: