Blockbuster Crusade


Do you have a team to do the Blockbuster Crusade without changing it?


Yes, thank you.

Oh… Wait…
It’s possible you want me to share?

I still manage it with maiden wander oasis dragon pony

Full disclosure:
I have panther lion forgotten brass stalker wisp twins siren hermit and a hired wander pre charged on fights one and two, in case of death.

Other teams are available.
That probably do it betterer…


Fully charging is the way forward…

I’ll add my little secret…

Wave 1+2 on any stage go manual… Don’t use any skills unless it’s a healer.
Wave 3-2 and 3-3 are the hardest fights you face… If you have to let one hero die its no bother here cause you’ll smoke the rest of it with ease
After you get to stage 4 go all the way auto