Blocking forum users

might be a silly question, but is there any way to block individual users on this site? or do we just appeal to @Polaris to ban them?

I mean, the use in question has I’d say over 10 flagged posts in the space of about 2 days, which leas me onto my next question…

how many flagged posts until a ban, if any? and is the ban permanent or temporary?

Nah, you’re stuck with me, sorry :wink:

On a serious note, Adam the gamer has been temporarily banned at least once, and at least two people have received “permanent” bans from here

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I actually asked the same question right after joining the forum.
Discourse does have a limited blocking feature (I’ve used it with other games using Discourse forums) but PQ isn’t using that functionality.

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Aha! Not a silly question if an omniscient being of the forum asked it too

But then you can’t have been omniscient back then, or you’d have known :thinking:

Anyway, thanks for the help both of you :slight_smile:


We don’t use the auto-ban system because it’s too easy to abuse. We review all the flags and a policy for escalating silences and eventually a permanent block from the forums. It’s very similar to the silence system in the game.

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Ok. Thanks for the info