Not sure what they are called… in accounts… boarders… in cosmetics they are referred to as portraits.

Either way needs to be a name…

But that’s not what my thread is about.

So here goes.

Can we have base circular portraits fit square portraits appropriately…

Square boarders don’t tend to fit well with the basic circular theme.

Main offender is the bright and colourful portrait. Would love to use it but there is always that bit of circle poking out from the side. Will try to attach some screenies.

4 Likes this… maybe a.more definitive colour?
All are somewhat the same

Is from.1 account so lacking a few colours… but generally not… bright or colourful.

I.also don’t have all square/unusual shipped skins but it should.apply the same…

Basically it needs to.clip in or be squared of

Not this clipping out the side but also has the circular theme underneath.

I get its minor and not pressing but come on… should be an easy fix

The borders not fitting the whole character has been a “problem” since the beginning of them
Probably won’t get fixed in a long time

Due to it not being important and doesn’t ruin the game in any way

But would like to see at least some of them fit perfectly one day

It bothers my OCD… definitely worth mentioning imo. Thanks! @Giggles_II

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