Bob at the rewards again?

I’m guessing the plan was to make it a guaranteed 2 EMBERSHARD drop on the new level?

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Also … Yes I saw the honour skill thing

The gift that keeps on giving :ok_hand:

You might want to send that ticket already if you want any chance of getting 4x for embershards for quad trials :slightly_smiling_face:

Stars aligning…
Skills balancing…

Quad trials are so at the bottom of my list right now hun.

Which is just as well.
Because clearly they are at the bottom of per blues list too :frowning:

Dammit @Golden_Princess

I’ve written the ticket.
Mainly to use the #Epic(Shard)Fail pun.

The problem is, now I have made it personal and won’t let it go and will die on this hill…

I blame you.
Are you Bob?

Sorry guys :no_mouth:


This should be fixed, now. Sorry about that!

See @Samm
That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Bob must have been influencing these ‘offers’ also !! Get half - pay double offer - seriously PB - LikeWut!?

Fray is meant to be an additional deal which stacks with whatever other £10 deal is on

She’s also the first slayer to be called in a very long time…

If that is true, it’s even worse… as there was no other deal for €10.99…

Better for PB :man_shrugging:

If you buy the mega diamond daily deal, it counts with that.

If you buy a bigger priced deal , it will be included also (as will all other smaller deals, like they always have done).

It’s a bonus deal for people that have spent before, that have stopped spending for over a fortnight.
No other players get offered this extra back into the fray.

It’s an incentive to start spending again.
Break open the wallet once more.
You have before.
Do it.
Do it now, while there’s an extra reward.

Time is ticking …
It’ll be gone soon…

Think what you could get with the extra…

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You know.

Everyone has to play their own way.
You do you

U guys are not the only ones allowed to complain! It’s as if you think your complaints are rightfull and all others are there to be tempered or corrected by you. Whats up with that?

It’s just wrong that there is an offer on mainscreen that provides half compared to another offer on that same mainscreen, while costing double!

I know you get it with the 20 buy or a 110 diamond buy, I still consider it ‘stealing’ by PB! Or at least the chance is there someone buying it, and only late realises its a pretty faul buy!

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It’s the fact you are complaining about a deal deliberately set up as a sucker temptation for ex spenders to break their self imposed limit.

“Hey per blue, give me more stuff, and I’ll spend money”.

Oh… Wait…

Per blue, give us more stuff
I’ll spend more money.

Stuff those free to play people.
They’re never gonna catch up anyway.

As for people that can’t realise that its a sucky deal, I suggest they also stay away from car dealerships and telephone salespeople.

Although, if they DM me their bank account information, I know a Nigerian prince who can send them $1 million dollars as he’s trying to flee his country , but cannot get the money out through normal channels…

They can keep half, for being so helpful