Boss chests rant / impossible epic quest

Key points:

  1. Three boss keys per day makes epic quest impossible.
  2. Boss chests drops are useless and completely disproportionate to chest rewards in later dungeon levels.
  3. Everyone join in with your dungeon horror stories please.

Okay… that’s the issues.
Now the evidence behind each one.

  1. I started on floor 107 this morning.
    Got a boss key drop, and used my favour to get 2.
    Then on floor 112 I got another key drop.
    Was too busy taking a picture

    And I accidentally clicked “take” rather than “use favour”.
    So… Two instances of boss key drops.
    But a total of three keys collected today.

I have since gone to level 150 today, fighting a boss on every floor.
No more keys.
Taking the quest drop at this point, means I have four keys and an unwinnable quest.

I get that epic quests are supposed to be hard.
But surely, completable without using favour should be possible.

Point 1: four boss key drops per day minimum please per blue. If not five.

In the course of doing these 40+ floors, I started taking pictures of the boss chests, and normal (Not disarmed or “good” or “great” chests, just standard average) chests.

Example average chests:

Example boss chests:
(Dont worry I won’t post all of them…)

I have a lot more like that

Point 2: purple scraps need taking out of boss chests, at least as you get further in the dungeon.

At a bare minimum, the rewards should scale like the average chests do, with floor ranges increasing the rewards to
Purple full items
Orange shards, rarity increasing with floor
Orange full items (pretty please!!)

There’s only one chest per floor, per blue.
It’s not like it can be abused.

Point 3: Dungeon horror stories.

“Critical success”

That is not a critical success.

Share your horror stories too, please


I have way too many horror stories from dungeons to list

So instead I’ll give out my fool proof plan for boss keys farming

Use a shrine then do not collect the quest that’s the last thing you do
Collect keys 1+2 from boss fights … No favour usage here
Key number 3 is where you use favour
Then collect shrine quest

Bish bash bosh
Minimum 5 keys earned 8 if favour comes good

Yet that shouldn’t be the way we play for keys

You are correct they should drop base line of 5
4 from boss 1 from shrine
If you were to do one 5 key boss run a day, you can’t earn the keys to facilitate this unless doing the above method over and over each day

Too much of a hassle :wink:

Not to be a contrarian, but the boss key epic quest is doable, even without favor. Just take the quest 2 hours before your server reset time and then farm your 3 keys in that time. Then after reset, you got another 3 keys available.

Yes, I know stinks and requires planning, but it is epic and worth 2,000 points.


The epic quest is indeed doable. I’ve found way more irritating quests, some aren’t even epic ones. In this instance, 3 boss keys obtainable every day plus the one from your dailies which gives four. One use of favour should do it.
I understand the drop rate of boss keys aren’t exactly great, and who can remember how many already dropped in a day. To that I’d like to actually see a counter of boss keys drop everyday so people know if they can take the quest or not.
Another point is that keys from any sources count, whether from deals, event chests or rewards and I usually make use of these.

I actually like the items obtained in boss dungeon (most of them, not all). My biggest frustration is that they only drop once. Boss dungeon isn’t the place to farm gear, I agree, but it wouldn’t harm to have multiple drops of one item like in endless and epic. A lot of purple items are still needed, and introduction of orange items that we can’t get in endless and actually need cough polymonocular cough, would be greatly appreciated I’m sure.

All in all, the item drops and critical successes must be improved in all dungeons imo.


I know how I should have done it cotton :frowning:
Was trying to shortcut quest.
If I had used favour on first chest and got a 3x favour, it would have been just the same.

My point is you shouldn’t have to take the quest at a specific time, or use favour on a specific chest drop.

The quest should be appropriately hard, but completeable.

Also, boss chest rewards suck.


Or you know, just removing the boss key drop limit. If someone wants to burn their torches in boss dungeon instead of epic that should be acceptable. Even with unlimited keys you will collect them far slower than epic keys.


My horror Story… just got confirmed from perblue that max dungeon lvl is 69… so I can’t progress anymore which is pretty lame considering this is a game based on progression… the key quest… remember the first time I did it, also made the mistake of using favor on the first… got x3 and keys stopped dropping… argued with support for some days😂

What you on about :joy:
Boss has max 8 floors
Epic and epic epic capped at 40
Endless has no limits :joy:

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Or are you on about the lion level up for daily torch earnings??
Cause if that’s capped at 69 that’s crap
I’m about to hit 63

It’s the lion lvl, and apparently the max of that is 69 which I made a couple of weeks ago… also means max free torch is approx 95/day…

Another thing… support didn’t even know max lvl was 69, made me do all sorts of stuff (submit screenshots, do floors, close app and relaunch) before coming back to me with “just got confirmed from devs max is 69, wanted to be sure before telling you” :joy::joy: and yes it’s really not good (crap)

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That’s terrible tbh

But congrats to you though for pushing the limits :joy:
They should just lift the cap…
After all endless was the original mode and endless should be incorporated into your lion level :blush:

It should definately be possible to lvl up, endless, just make the requirement crazy high if their problem is me getting to many free torches, but ending progression is nonsense in a game like this…

@Pixie_Mici you can still get boss keys x4 daily without any favors you only have to favor 1 of them to be able to complete it. You have 3x per day then 1 key given in daily rewards for finding shrine in endless.

The quest I have the biggest issue with is the skip floors and I did the math for how many torches expended in the process I’ll attach ss to read about it.

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@AERITH2 the quest is for 5 boss keys

Effectively impossible without timing it for the reset, or using favour.

I call it impossible.
O’rlyeh calls it epic.

You decide.

A fourth key drop would make it hard to do, but possible without having to play the system.


Reread that. 4x daily without favor. 1favor used and boom there’s 5. It’s not like the timer for the quest is only 1 hr… if I remember right it’s got an 8 hour timer on it. More than enough time to generate that favor point required.

I’m not arguing that it’s not doable.
I’m saying if you accidentally goof and use favour early, it becomes impossible to finish.

That’s not epic.
That’s bad / lazy programming to leave it like that when it’s been pointed out to developers.

Rather than a total of three keys per day (thus hampering favour users)…

It should be three separate instances of dropped keys per day, that we can favour if we want more.

Or more helpfully, four separate instances.

The current system penalises you for using favour on a boss key drop.

That’s silly

The current system is outdated even more than that. Just make boss keys unlimited like epic. It really doesn’t matter anyways as a lot of people only run boss when a new hero is introduced and then sporadically for use with epic levels. I can’t remember for myself the last time I did boss dungeon outside of for the xp at a cap raise. Unlimited would only help lower f2p players out. That is why it won’t get changed. All the “good” fixes are always somehow tied to more money spent😉


Well yes, in an ideal world no cap on boss keys would be nice.


  1. That isn’t going to happen.
  2. If by a miracle it did happen, per blue would just turn the drop rate WWWWWAAAAAAYYYYYY down…
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