Boss chests rant / impossible epic quest


I’m actually on board with comment previous to this…
If cap was 3 but favour didn’t influence that then would still be a major boost compared to current way of fathoming a procedure and recalling how many you earned.

@OhRlyeh you gotta pay attention to more of micis input
Trust me on this she is correct and aside from the sarcasm we all know and love she brings to the forum some extremely valid points

If yous aren’t listening then… Well … Egg on your face later on is all that can come from this :wink:


Not everyday she rage quits the game. So if it happens, it must be for a very good reason.


Feel like you’re missing the point… And the likelihood of that quest happening to fall close enough to daily reset… And then having to be absolutely sure you didn’t somehow collect one of those boss keys earlier in the day. And there is no indicator to tell you how many keys are left…

At this point in the game, what’s the point of the key cap anyway?


I never listen to Mici. Ask anyone. Epic quest is Epic.

Boss keys drop rate

Ahhh youre alive :joy::joy:
Hey can you do me a favour

Server 2…
Sharkbite leader … Sharklord DCL

is locked out of game and has been since friday…
Can you check zendesk emails as he has sent in a couple …
Can’t do tickets as cant get in game …
I did ask a bunch of players to reach out to you on discord but seems they are being selfish about helping a player out

Pretty please help him out :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


How rude :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehhe :joy::joy:

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If I had a penny for every one of those… :sob::tired_face::sob::confounded:


I agree there needs to be more boss keys dropped everyday. I’m out again even just doing 1 boss dungeon floor per day. . .frustrating!


Thanks for the changes you made in dungeon. But! why is reward of a win over a boss battle in floors 150+ purple scraps while most of the other chest that we get in that floor has orange scraps in it?! This doesn’t seem right.


OMG this is all that i want to say… lol