Boss Dungeon Dragon Heir

What Heroes work best for killing Dragon Heir in Boss Dungeon?
Server 11 Level 81

What level are you and what server?
Helps to make a team up if we know what your max capabilities and hero’s available are
After around orange tiers any bunch of weirdos will do tbh though

For me all my boss dungeons are set like this

Wandering sword. Skull buster
Furmiliar. Shining guardian. Pesky pixie

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I am Server 11 Level 81

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Had to go make an s11 account to go see hero’s

But yeah

Wander woman, Skull Buster
Salty merc, sparkle pony, Princess portal

If your plan is to clear all items and fights each floor that should help tbh
Have a blast and build energy by walking into a fight and retreating before your front line hero’s reach the opponents.
Adds energy enough to sustain hero’s skills all the way

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Needs more Mo

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