Boss Dungeon keys daily limit (Ascension shards)

Dragon Heir is going to be nearly impossible to ASCEND*2 due to the “max limit” on the amount of Boss dungeon keys that we can collect each day:-

  1. Endless dungeon : max of 4 bosses per day have keys. (using favors helps a little)

  2. Guild shop : 4 keys every 3 days.

(please correct me if I missed off any further sources)

Would be nice if we could purchase boss keys with diamonds.


I Agree!
Would also be nice to see dragon ascension shards more available to stock in the guild shop! I’ve only seen them twice since it’s ascension whereas Punk, Shield and Wander almost comes out every 2nd day. Someone always buys the whole lot after the shop refreshes, then we have to wait…
Why do we have to use diamonds (our own) to refresh the Guild Shop?? Shouldn’t we use Influence instead??

I disagree.
Trying to second ascend Dragon Heir isn’t a big problem.

Trying to third, fourth and fifth Dragon, Scion and Grave.

Yeah, that’ll be a p*sser…

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Whatever band-aid per blue prescribe here, won’t be enough.

Either boss keys have to go, or shard rates have to multiply by a factor of 10. At least 5 at the very worst

With a further factor when the next of the three boss heroes / next ascension opens.

Heck, we should already have 4 times drops on elite campaigns, permanent preferably, or at least every weekend, for the whole contest duration.
Along with trial resets.

I don’t remember a 4th boss in dungeon dropping boss keys in endless :eyes:

Max 3 keys from any source before dungeon stops.
Do dungeon first.
Collect first two normally.
Favour the third.

Only then claim the daily key


Thank you! That explains what I (just) did wrong…

I did talk with our team about addressing the current drop rate for Boss Keys. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you mention
Boss Shard drop rates?
Elite campaigns drop rates?
The harsh inequality of elite campaign resets needed for heroes that are in 3 levels Vs 5?

Give people the balanced progression / something to stay and spend for.
More people will stay and spend.


@Samm Thank you and your team for putting Dragon Ascension shards in guild shop for the past 3 days. It has really helped our guild members, as I hope it helps many other guilds :kissing_heart::heart:

@Pixie_Mici I am still struggling with asc 1 for Dragon. I’m not sure he’ll ever be fully ascended :woman_shrugging::crazy_face:


Not at these current drop rates / availability anyways…

*Stern look at @Samm @Loutre *


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