Boss Dungeon Toxic Waster


Ok so I see the Bosses in the Endless Dungeon and have beaten them every 5 lvls I am lvl 21 in the dungeon and yet I still can’t get the Toxic Waster Trophy!
I literally have no idea how to get the trophy
Help please


There are 2 bosses in the endless dungeon. Toxic waster and Grave wraith. You are probably killing Grave wraith. They both look the same. You will have to fight a little more bosses to unlock the boss dungeon. It’s a grind but well worth the achievement in the end.


You can rush it faster by resetting and skipping floor to fight bosses.

Its a 50/50 chance what type of boss you will encounter every fifth floor. Now both boss kills give credit towards a trophy. There are 2 types of trohpies. So u need to kill 20 of each :slight_smile: