Boss key drop rates


Decided to do the quest to obtain 3 boss keys in dungeons, received one and doubled it with a favor, then spent ovee 200 torches to unsuccessfully search for the last boss key. Either boss keys does not drop after level 150 or there’s a glitch with the boss key drop rates. Either way, they should indicate which levels boss keys drop in because it’s getting ridiculous


It counts if you buy them from the guild shop as well :slight_smile:


And the daily too.


You can only obtain 5 (f2p) a day that includes the daily quest otherwise its from guild shop or p2p


I’m sure someone has had a huge rant about this before, and cotton was so kind to provide an actual guide about the best way to boss key…


NEVER use a favour on the first key. Also, best to not start that quest if you 1) were already in dungeon that day 2) collected the Endless daily quest (it gives a boss key as a reward, collect this one last)