Boss keys drop rate

Is there a reason the amount of boss keys we can obtain in a day is still really limited? We can get a ton of epic keys daily but 3+ favor from endless + 1 daily quest boss keys. Maybe if every boss in endless dropped them it would be more tolerable but I’ve had to go 15+ Floors several times just to get all three boss key drops.

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Ask support

Can’t I ask here?

You have my permission to ask here.


Didn’t say couldn’t

just gave you a way to get a response from a dev instead of random pq players
Sometimes PB reply, but mostly not

Just thought you wanted a 100% clear answer and not a possibility for a correct answer

The original key cap was implemented to slow progress in boss dungeons
That is all.
Since there hasn’t been a new boss dungeon hero and there’s been no real reason to switch anything up in there. There has been ample time to farm keys in Perblue eyes…

It’s a hassle to farm them though
I used 500 boss keys in dungeon contest in December… Haven’t farmed anywhere near that amount back because quite frankly I can’t be arsed chasing every boss down in endless when it has a high potential of dropping purple gear I don’t need…

It needs changing and soon too

I more wanted to see if other players agreed. If enough players agreed maybe a PB rep would see it and pass it along or maybe someone on the dischord could pass the request along. I’m trying to bring discussion here. I’ve seen perblue respond to posts here so thats not unheard of

I ask cause a few portal lords ago I did some boss completion quests. I guess I didn’t realize how low I was on keys. So had to pay out like 10-15 keys to do the quests. Wiped me right out. I usually just do easy and do one floor a day for daily quests. Lots of times my guild has like 3-6 quests for boss dungeon just sitting there.

Now it takes average of 15-20 floors in endless just to get three damn boss keys to drop cause it’s a horrible rate. Meanwhile I’m getting what feels like a million and a half epic keys in that time. I don’t want to have to do 20 floors of endless everyday, I barely end up with enough time to get to the next floors shrine for the daily quest.

There’s no need to slow progress down in that dungeon anymore. And there’s always new players or new servers that will still need boss shards. Hell I need boss shards for epic gear at some point. Maybe for money spenders that might have gotten a trillion and a half shards from some deal at some point it isn’t a problem but for me I only have what I got from the dungeon itself and maybe a contest or two.

Generally in most games the longer a feature has been out, devs tend to make things more efficient or maybe even easier. An increase in boss key drop rate from boss (maybe 100%?) or make them drop from random fights like epic keys would be awesome, I think just boss with higher rate would be best though. Definitely raise that daily cap a huge amount or remove it all together. If I need 5 keys to do the easiest difficulty I should be able to farm that amount at a minimum without much hassle. I’d do the higher difficulty ones if I had enough keys or they maybe didn’t cost as much as they do now to enter and start.

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Would love to see some action on this

Me too.


They don’t seem to want to listen.
Pesky perblue.

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Come on @OhRlyeh
It’s time to sort the boss keys out.
Almost a year we’ve been asking for a change

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Yeah @OhRlyeh


There was actually a 9th boss quest under all the ones in the picture.

You can stock boss keys in your guild shop too.

It’s very expensive.

There was also a boss keys deal to buy with real money if you are a spender, during the portal lords.

Orrrrrrrrr… There’s a dismiss quest option?
Go bug your guild leaders to clear some quests.

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