Boss keys? Why and Where are they?

Just completed over 50 floors in Endless Dungeon but no Boss keys to be found!
What’s the point of putting in a Portal Quest when there are no keys? Purposely set you up for failure?
If this is a glitch, or would be great to be it fixed!

The max you can get per day is 3, that includes the key you get from the daily quest for using a shrine. The best way would be thus to get 2 keys, use a favor for the last, then claim the daily.

or guild shop


this should bring the total to 5+ keys per day as long as:
Quest isnt collected till last
no favour is used on keys 1+2
Key 3 is favoured
Quest can now be collected
Then blast guild shop after all of the above have been completed

Then discover you did your math wrong and only have 19 keys :sweat_smile:… But yeah without shop 8 keys max.

Wait, people still play dungy?:joy:

ofc not… we are all waiting for the dungy contest and then we can play it :wink:

You and the two other people who care about dungeon?

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