Bugs and Game Issues: March 6th - 10th

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  1. What is the most frustrating thing for you in Portal Quest?

  2. What part of Portal Quest do you think could use the most improvement?

  3. If you could have on thing guaranteed to be fixed or adjusted for the next release, what would it be?

Mo hasn’t been worked on enough. It’s about time Mo had a buff. Long live Lord Mo.


… Mo.


most frustrating thing:
the money grab that is driving my 2 other main leaders away from the game, alongside the many others

  1. most frustrating thing that might actually be changed:
    SPAR AND WAR. we need spar change. I believe @SueyJitSu has mentioned this very recently.
    we need 3 things changed…
    let us see post logs. it’s just a pain up bumbums.
    sort out the spar AP donation problem. either give us unlimited spar AP (preferable) or let us donate without constantly demoting and promoting leaders. let anybody donate to anybody or the bank.
    let us spar anybody we have fought previously; don’t limit it to season only

  2. area to improve
    end of season rewards. the only I still play this game is for war. I love it, and put so much time into it every season. sometimes we come 7th, something 17th, but every time I collect those boxes I just sigh in disappointment. the actual items in them aren’t that bad sometimes, but it is just about quantities. they are just so amazingly disproportionate it’s insane and mind-boggling. NB. this also applies to PL rewards, but not quite as much.

  3. guaranteed fix
    earlier mentioned spar and war changes

thanks for reading

  1. The rate of increase of cost of everything is not balanced by the rate of increase of availability of resources.

Recent contests are the clearest example of this.
The resources in even for the progress rewards, far outweigh the input.
I’m not asking for everyone to get so much free stuff that it unbalances the economy.
Just that the increase in resources used is reflected in the rewards earned.

  1. Short of an actual gold skill that was at all different for the new rarity…
    The thing people have cried out for most is a new mode. Guild PvE or something.
    The thing that could be most improved is the number of things to do in the game :slight_smile:

Or like a fourth boss dungeon :wink:

  1. Oh gosh, I’m not great at fantasy booking.
    New heroes abilities not to be so game breaking in the war mode, that if you don’t have them built you can’t win?
    Sparky in war defence springs to mind.

Orrrrrrrrr, promotion from platinum 1 into challenger in the tournament to actually be available. Please :slight_smile:


The game needs updating…
I’d rake a look at something like AFK Arena…a lot more content…

Portal Lords needs new quests, the Epic quests need to be that Epic. Maybe linked quests between multiple players or guild guests…

Fortress, Crusade need to be worthwhile and have more actual gameplay content.. and the Challenger level of Royal Tournament us just now a long standing joke. Its literally terrible..

War has improved but still, needs to have more playability. The idea of being unable to use defence toons in attack lines would be a significant improvement and allow players to use more of  the toons we now have. 

To be honest I’d stop new toons soon and work on game content improvements.
Its a guild orientated game, and the game content should reflect this for FTP and PTP players …
Whilst on that subject, the cost of gearing up is now getting ridiculous , Enchanting for one, should be a fixed cost per toon. But Stamina costs and Gold and XP costs (anded for effect :wink::wink:) is brutal, you’re drving away new players…

Rewards across the patch are not that good, VIP needs to be that, and maybe rewards need tying into that if you want more players to spend…

It needs a refresh that’s for syre…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
Competition’s opening up a new aspect ir game area for a set time would add to the game content.

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1 the amount of money that gets spent. I, myself, am done spending the money. There are so many things that come out and as soon as I get it, there’s another deal. Maybe they should be available longer and not every 4-6 hours.

2 wars vs spars and raid tickets. I do not need them, but I cannot use them for anything either. What good are they now even though I get them every day. Let me sell them or buy something with them.

3 spars to be inline with the way war was played.

Agree with Mici on #1… the guild contest currently on server 10 is ridiculous. Not even close to getting even the 1st reward and spent tons of diamonds and stamina just to get items… and that’s just myself

1… Amount/quantity of everything needed to upgrade heroes… including gold, shards, and stamina spent to get them.

  1. Rewards should be increased. Constantly getting same hero shards that don’t need, and very little of ones do need. More Stamina rewards and resetting ALL Shops twice a day instead of just once. Samm, you know my complaints on this already…

  2. Better Rewards, less spending. And something for each Guild’s best player in contests, portal lords, war, etc… may get more internal guild participation to get members to compete in these things. Some family competitions would be fun.

P1. I’ve been playing almost a year. I am disappointed in the decline of rewards. War rewards, Portal Lords, and contest rewards have declined over the year. Everyone likes to win and most work hard to do so. Why not reward them generously?

  1. Arena revamped; particularly Challenger. It does not make sense how ranks 1-5 are determined.

  2. Spars were a great addition, but why limit them? Some players need more and others don’t use them. If everyone has access to as many as they need, the playing field is level for all guilds.

  1. Concern over too many people leaving the game.

  2. Royal Tournament: Demotion/promotion in challenger should be fixed on S1. Tons of inactives in there. Pretty sure some people would like to be promoted.

  3. Spar donations. No promotion/demotion business needed please. I see no issue with everyone being able to donate there spar points to whomever they want. Not even really sure why they are limited anyways.

Reward those willing to put in the grind time with unlimited spar tries please. It takes awhile to figure out new lines… please and thank you!

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  1. Rework Endless Dungeon Nugget and XP drops to more fit the exponential need as resource use cost increases as levels increase.
    (I understand Trials and Fortress drops were increased to offset this cost, but it would give “the grinders” a bit more for the hours they put in trying to obtain resources to stay relevant to top tier players.)

(3.)Create an item that can give you, for a set time (say 2-12 hours), for being able to substitute a different hero for Sparkle Pony for shard drops in Endless Dungeon.

  1. Create a spar AC bank that Leaders can divvy out spar AC to (all or any) guildmates. Allow transfer of a portion (or all) of your Spar AC to guild Spar bank. At least 1 Spar AC, per guildmate, that could be donated to a Spar AC bank would allow better use of spar AC for active members on Spar days. Create and Auto-donate button for Spar AC to Spar AC bank.

Please fix max all hero essences button so it would eventually maximize the essences. Also would be nice to have a button in Items -> Hero Essence section which has the same functionality since it’s very time consuming, esp during contest, and annoying. Thank you.

  1. Add another dungeon that drops red variety and essence to balance out game play. Add the rest of the levels to game. Mostvpeoplecon server ten are maxed out at level 21 quests. Offer a more variety of items like strength and vitality in the guild shops
  1. As previously mentioned by Luminary Drifter and a few others have mentioned, the AP spat points should work like regular war. Let everyone donate to a main bank if they are not being used and leaders can redistribute points. If you do not do this, maybe change it to where anyone can donate points to one another, not just leaders donating to an officer.

  2. Dungeon needs to be reworked. You need to fixing the amount of XP dropped there. It would also help if you created another new hero for dungeon, either regular or dungeon boss, that can be used in actual combat rather than strictly dungeon.

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  1. Lag times in Royal tournament and if I have more heros left than other team at time up during a battle, the win should be mine
  2. Add a tower challenge that drops vitality and strength, when new heros are added, balance out shard and scraps, especially the epic and honor essence drops to level them up
  3. New tower challenge that drops vitality and strength, add a diamond and royal diamond level in arena and at royal diamond add the challenge level for bigger rewards

Challenger tourney so boring.

  1. The most frustrating thing is not seeing stam packs as progress rewards in scrap & stam contests. FTP and light spenders desperately need them and spenders can still fight it out for rank rewards.

  2. Same as many others I feel like rewards vs expenditure aren’t balanced in contests and PL. We have to dish out A Lot of resources to clear progress rewards on most contests which many of us are able to do but many more really struggle with them.

  3. I’m honestly not sure as I don’t have many bug problems. If people are still getting locked out or crashing then I would vote for that being first priority. If not, then I’d say revamp the rewards on major events. I hate seeing the folks around me struggle to clear even the most basic rewards.

  1. P2P. While I understand the makers of the game have to make money… Its frustrating for free to play players have no way to spend more time to compensate for their lack of currency… Also as the levels go up it cost more for less of the same packs. Like the dungeon pack … It a shame what 700 diamonds use to get you before vs what you get now… Lastly dungeon drops… 100 completed levels and only 400 diamonds?

2… Fix the dungeons… Spending 4 to 8 hours in dungeons to get little to nothing in return… More diamond drops… Essence and Xp…
3… Dungeon drops…

Would it not make more sense to drop the progress tiers instead? As in, if the contest costs 600 stam packs, with 100 being paying back in rewards, judt make it a 500 stam contest to begin with