Buy 10 chests "guaranteed hero"

Dont waste your diamonds, I was going after pesky pixie as she just got on s11. Going to have to just use chests items from contests and PL… you should fix this PB or make it actually drop a full hero. 5,180 diamonds for nothing…

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You did get a full hero. You just already own them.

You got a full Owl and SB in the first set of chests; and you got a full Grizzled, Axe and Dragoon in the second set of chests.


You did get a full hero

5 times



Lol thanks

Where are you seeing a full hero in there?,lol When we receive a full hero, it says you have received a new hero and it will show that new hero full size on the screen.

Damn this was a while ago.

The full heroes from that chest are Grizzled Hunter and Brutal Axe. However they already have the hero, so it doesn’t say “new hero unlocked”.

Full hero does not equal new hero. It clearly says that in the first line :slight_smile:

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You did get full heroes, five of them. They turned into shards because you already had them. And, on you for buying gold chests in the first place.