Buyer beware: cosmetic chests


Today I made an impulse purchase, having gotten caught up in the whole cosmetics craze. I saw the 20 cosmetic chests deal pop up and bought them thinking I’d get, you know, cosmetic things. However, much to my dismay, when I opened the chests, rather than getting cosmetics, I got honor tokens. And only few hundred each time. I did get a few stamps, skins and portraits, but out of the 20 chests I opened, almost half were not cosmetics. And that’s just not much fun.

I understand not giving out duplicate items, but until Per Blue figures out how to make sure cosmetics don’t drop duplicates, I certainly won’t be purchasing with money or diamonds any more cosmetic chests. At least give out tokens that I can use to buy cosmetics. Or let us trade out duplicates. Poorly played Per Blue. Poorly played.


We do plan on adding individual cosmetics to the Honor shop eventually. We just need a little time to run the numbers and set up pricing. The fallback Token reward for duplicates hopefully feels like fairly good value. Its was my intention to err on the high side when giving out the tokens in these chests.


You also need to fix the multi chest opening. Sometimes it skips opening a chest. Say you open 10 but only 9 items appear. Also when buying with money, you dont often get VIP tickets like before. Today i got 2 cosmetics but only 1 purchase gave me VIP tickets. Atleast a significant amount.


Multi chest opening combines same items, so if you get 2 of the same hero type shards, it will only list it as one item with the sum of the shards.


Lots of unhappy people this morning due to these chests being very unrewarding rewards for a highly competitive contest.


So pretty much all of my contest reward cosmetic chests were honor tokens… Ummm come on guys seriously? I get it duplicates happen, but 7 out of my 8? Also what is up with 300 honor tokens as fair exchange on a duplicate? You know that a skin, or border, or stamp isn’t going to cost 300 honor tokens! It’s going to be thousands of tokens for an item. This is disgraceful and disrespectful to your players. Please fix this immediately!


I was second in this contest and received my 12 boxes and got 1 skin, 1 stamp and 2580 honor Tokens… that’s pretty messed up for over 13 Billion in Gold and the time spent getting my score up there!!


After today’s contest rewards I think we can all agree these cosmetics chests need a major overhaul
The system knows what I have otherwise couldn’t give me replacement tokens…
Why then can it not give me stamps, Skins or borders in yet to receive?
Surely that would be ideal for the player base

It’s a premium chest. Yes I get this but opening a load and not getting anything but tokens is not what anyone expected.
Paying customers getting a token prize that can be earned each day by raiding honour trials is farcical.
The drop should be incorporate of what the wardrobe requires us to farm

Many players saw no value in Skins or stamps so they avoided them in every portal lords and went for the hero building items
If there was some semblance of forewarning these would be of use later on I’m sure players would’ve prioritised hoarding them

Chests need tweaking, or an overhaul of sorts.
They are ripping us all off and community discontent over them is high

I’d rather see all of us enjoying this new feature in a way that is productive for both Perblue and players… Currently that’s not the case

Make some changes please :sunglasses:


300 tokens isn’t erring on the side of caution. I’m sorry, but it’s just not. 3,000 tokens would be a better start. 300 tokens make no sense at all. A skin costs anywhere from 2,000 - 5,000 diamonds. As they are sold in offers. Please don’t insult our intelligence, 300 is just a blatant rip off.


That’s insulting. I had nearly the same amount of tokens in my 5% rewards… Had a shark stamp and tokens

If be unhappy with what you received

Yes the totem skin is one I’m after but for the time and effort I think I’d rather not participate


I agree. I got 5% and decided I didn’t want to spend time climbing up the ladder. So glad I didn’t waste my time and gold trying to get in top 10 for these “cosmetic” chests. They should be called honor token chests from what I have gotten from them. I don’t think they are worth buying if they are going to be filled with tokens.


The average fallback for honor tokens per duplicate will now be a 625% increase to 1875 tokens


Thank you sir :heart_eyes: that’s brilliant news


Cosmetic chests need to not contain hero shards.


But hero shards are one of the things needed for some sets.

Aaaannnndddd now it is apparent why.
Pesky developers wanting to get paid for their hard work…


Do they??? Haven’t had any
Skins stamps borders colours and tokens is all I’ve seen in 25 chests


I believe hero shards are the duplicate stand ins for honor tokens for servers that don’t have the honor shop yet (pre red).


Ahh I see that would make sense :wink: thanks for that pearl of wisdom :sunglasses:



So why did I get blade shards when I don’t even have a skin for blade yet.?? And a few worthless shards or not even close to a reasonable stand in item… I have thousands of like all hero shards after Max epic so to get a few shards for a 2000 diamond skin… Not comparable…