Calling all Waddas

if you are a Wadda alt (NO non-Waddas allowed) join AltAmnesty we got not much stuff except we are Waddas

How do I check if I’m a wadda alt?

If you’re a Wadda alt, you’d know :wink:

I was just trying to work out how much stamina a 40 strong guild of alts would earn, if you bought yourself the $5 gift your guild deal for each player.

Then I thought, if you spend $200 a day on a mobile game, you deserve that stamina…

here is the thing

  1. all my accs are f2p now

  2. us Waddas have a tribal lifestyle. let me break it down.
    make alt
    get level 10
    join guild
    delete guild
    only 1 acc can be active at once, so the stamina would only go to 1 acc, eventually to be lost and replaced with a new alt

  3. I’m 10 steps ahead I started a Wadda full guild this morning

  4. You’ll know if you’re a Wadda alt once you check the Waddgueon (aka the dungeon)

  1. online therapists are hob goblins and they will betray you

  2. the Wadda guild is actually a war practice technique to test guild flooding
    not looking at any guilds here that would be convenient to alt flood

I crave Wadda Flakes at 3 am

Is that six things or seven?
Which of them is the thing?

Wadda… I say this with upmost respect…

If all the village idiots left their villages, and formed their own village… Of idiots… In that village, you would be the village idiot.


Alright hob goblin

No ,I crave Wadda Flakes at 3 am" is a hint at the guild that is convenient to flood

It involves a cereal war


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