Can anyone tell me why i was chat silenced

Bullying is against the rules for perblue or no?

Do not use the forum to discuss a Support action, such as a silence or suspension. Use the Contact Us form to report disputes regarding staff actions so that your issue can be escalated quickly and appropriately.

If you see something that’s off-topic, inappropriate, spam, or otherwise violates our forum rules, please flag it so our moderators can take action.

No personal attacks, or anything intended to insult or belittle another person or group of people. This includes other players, PerBlue employees, and the company.

No foul, abusive, or offensive language. If a word is censored or blocked in-game, do not use it on the forums. Keep the language and topics PG.

Do not post spam or other nonsense that disrupts the forum’s formatting, functionality, or usability, including quote pyramids or “bump” posts. This includes links to cheat or scam sites, malware, fake charities, etc.

Source FAQ

If you did nothing to deserve the chat silence, contact support :wink:

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Contact support anyway.

When they send you a reply saying what you said, post it here so we can giggle


Chat silences are sometimes done by ticket.

Your actual issue could’ve been a day or two ago

And it could have been for a number of reasons. Read all the rules

Still no reason for the silence, so contacting support is usless, I thought being one of the top 5 players in my server would mean something but I guess not. I won’t spend another penny though, lesson learned.

Do contact support :wink:
They can help you by removing the chat silence after all…
Since I’ve never been silenced I wouldn’t know, but don’t you get a notification about it & how long it’ll take? :thinking:

Well, of course not… :wink:

Basically, if you reach out to Sammsquamch, you will have the same importance as everyone else…


You self entitled whiner.

I would be more disappointed if it did mean anything.


Mici is right. It diesnt matter how much you have spent or your rank in power. What matters is that you watch what you say and abide by their rules. Don’t like their rules? TOO BAD

I’m in the top 8.
Do I get special treatment?

Rose petals scattered in front where I walk.
Priority bug fixes.

My own hero…
Oh… Wait…
Never mind.


Congratulations Mici another 40k power and you’ll be close to me. I didn’t ask for any special treatment though I only asked for an answer. If you read my post I replied with a picture showing exactly what I said i global chat which was only a thumbs up emoji gained by winning first place in a contest with 0 words after it. I just thought it was weird to get chat silenced from an emoji that the game itself awards you with.

As was said above, silencing is likely not Instantaneous especially if it’s based on a complaint submitted through the ticket system
You were probably silenced for something you said days ago and it only went through just then

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I love when people who get chat silenced come on the forums to whine, moan, and complain, and they literally dont understand why society has chosen to silence them. I also get a kick out of the screenshots they use for evidence. Like 1 screenshot, of their own chosing proves they aren’t a jerk. If people could only read what they type through someone else’s eye’s, there might not be any question to as why.

But I’m with the group, lets air out all the juicy details. Any time someone uses the forums to proclaim their innocence, pb should turn that thread into a jury trial, letting all the players see the evidence and then vote.

And if anybody disagrees with me, they should know, I’m the number 1 player on this phone in this bathroom. So i know what im talking about.


Pick one.

Your chat silence was probably from something that happened hours if not days before.

Submit the ticket and find out

Oh, and…

Just saying :wink:

This one doesn’t look as good.

Pesky lack of disposal income :frowning:

@Savage_V is this closer?

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How about now?

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Hahahahaha lots of number Ones