Can’t scroll thru enemies in fort


On both server 1 accounts and someone said on server 7 they couldn’t either. Unable to scroll their enemies list. I can scroll thru guild and raid log though.


Fortress seems to be little more laggy lately because of the big amount of enemy lines

Common issue for people, nothing game breaking because most can scroll thru it, but it just takes some time


Had that problem, too. Send a ticket, was solved two days later :wink:


They’re aware, but let them eat their chocolate for now.



Mine is scrolling just fine…


Just hit the ones at the top?
I’m sure they’ll fix it soon

Hopefully in today’s update


Today’s update was just a server side one.

Next week then, I guess :frowning:


If you’re not the strongest in the guild… :wink: I had some problems. But yeah, was solved two days later.



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